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Community Unlimited Internet Consultation…It’s Coming!

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


A month or so ago we confirmed that we would begin consultation with the giffgaff community around Unlimited Internet. Well I am delighted to be able to tell you this will be happening from Monday the 10th of September.


We have been working hard recently to finalise our Mobile Internet Strategy and we are now ready to share all of this information and our ideas with you on Monday. At the same time, we will open up a vote on one of the key decisions which needs to be made in the coming weeks. We want to run this consultation until September 20th, after which we will pull together all the feedback and share with you the general consensus of the community.


This is a really exciting time for us as a company and being able to open up this discussion to everyone and get you involved in our final Mobile Internet Strategy.





sounds promising can't wait
mad scientist
>What happened after the microgaff debate.. nothing...< That still wrangles a lot of people and reflected badly on giffgaff. Let's hope lessons have been learnt!
mad scientist
Thanks for the update, gregg. Looking forward to getting involved.
Thanks Greg! Should be an interesting debate just hope it doesn't get too hairy Smiley Wink it's nice to be able voice our opinions.
Should be interesting... Can't wait to be a little more active in a discussion.

Isn't this the same 'unlimited data' conversation we had in February? that got ignored?


Do giffgaff really think peoples opinions have changed during the months of indecision & obfuscation?


I predict another fiasco, along the lines of 'recurring goodybags'...


ie; this is what we are going to steamroller through regardless of the huge objections it'll no doubt through up.


EDIT: I reserve my right to be 'really excited at this time' unless you have a 4G announcement up yr sleeve!!!

Yeah pretty much... Well, exactly. Let's give them a chance though; let's see what's "put to us" on Monday. I thought it was already settled though in Gregg's post on the FAQ page, 1 GB per hour, no obvious tethering/using the SIM in devices.

@shafpatel, I thought it best to alert you to my edited post above...

Just seen it Smiley Happy

Certainly looking forward to this, really does bring home how much giffgaff is a community and how is really is, as per the tagline, a network run by you (us)! Smiley Happy


Smiley Happy