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Community Unlimited Internet Consultation…It’s Coming!

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


A month or so ago we confirmed that we would begin consultation with the giffgaff community around Unlimited Internet. Well I am delighted to be able to tell you this will be happening from Monday the 10th of September.


We have been working hard recently to finalise our Mobile Internet Strategy and we are now ready to share all of this information and our ideas with you on Monday. At the same time, we will open up a vote on one of the key decisions which needs to be made in the coming weeks. We want to run this consultation until September 20th, after which we will pull together all the feedback and share with you the general consensus of the community.


This is a really exciting time for us as a company and being able to open up this discussion to everyone and get you involved in our final Mobile Internet Strategy.






well i have giffgaff connection but my internet is not wroking but if sometimes it works the youtube doednt response at all from the day me plz to sort out

big cheese
If you have an iPhone make sure you don't have a profile set as that will stop YouTube

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to Monday.

just trust me...

I hope everyone goes forward with an open mind , and doesn't condemn the consultation without giving it a fair chance to see what can be achieved . 

big cheese
I'm interested in this vote wonder what we will be voting on Smiley Happy
Up until now, I've mostly stayed out of the unlimited internet discussion, mainly because I use less than 500mb a month at the minute. What I want to know is, is this a consultation only on strategies that giffgaff themselves have come up with, with no allowance made for members ideas, or is it a consultation whereby the poll has an option for 'other' and the member then submits a different idea? If it's the first, it's not really a consultation, is it? Just a member poll with no room for movement on either part. If it's the latter, then I'm happy to sit back and read what everyone's got to say on the matter.
Instead of speculating on what the options are going to be, why don't we just wait until Monday? It's 2 days away from a consultation by a telco, not 2 days before Christmas Smiley Wink
big cheese
There was a huge input from a while back would that not be where the details would have been culled from. They must have taken that thread and picked it to pieces and taken a lot of info ( it really was well used and lots of points raised) from that. We will know soon enough
big cheese
Lol Christmas is coming too Smiley Happy

I couldn't care less if your were to say that you aren't going to offer unlimited Internet, it's the fact you say ''unlimited'' and what you actually mean is a big amount. I would be more happy if you were to go and put a limit of say 50GB and then there's no confusion on what you are truly offering.