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Community Unlimited Internet Consultation…It’s Coming!

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


A month or so ago we confirmed that we would begin consultation with the giffgaff community around Unlimited Internet. Well I am delighted to be able to tell you this will be happening from Monday the 10th of September.


We have been working hard recently to finalise our Mobile Internet Strategy and we are now ready to share all of this information and our ideas with you on Monday. At the same time, we will open up a vote on one of the key decisions which needs to be made in the coming weeks. We want to run this consultation until September 20th, after which we will pull together all the feedback and share with you the general consensus of the community.


This is a really exciting time for us as a company and being able to open up this discussion to everyone and get you involved in our final Mobile Internet Strategy.





big cheese

Great news gregg. Look foward to the ideas and choices Smiley Wink


I hope you're able to contineue providing what you do. If you can then you will be the network that is definitely different to all the others. If things have to change then it's best for the company as you would want to make everything finicially viable and as a company I would understand the logic and reason.


Cheers for the update Gregg Smiley Happy

big cheese

Sounds very promising roll on Monday a whole weekend of speculation Smiley Happy

Lets hope it's nothing like the queued goodybag debate.
Hmmm. Let's hope? That you do what the community want overall, not then take back your decision and do what your outlined plan was in the first place. I still have hope, please don't let us down Smiley Happy

So looking forward to the 10th now ..... this is a saga that has run on for far far too long, and it cries out for a solution that is fair to all. Glad to see you're looking at listening to the members.

top cat
Pleased to hear we're ready to start this at last. Looking forward to seeing the options and the discussion unfold Smiley Happy
giffgaff; ergo sum
I can't wait Gregg this is what alot of members have been waiting for cheers fort the update :-)

Great news, looking forward to Monday.


In the mean time, people may want to look over this older thread regarding unlimited internet, just to refresh in their memory what has been said in the past


I don't believe for one second that our views and opinions will be taken on board after the last debate. Wasn't the thousand+ replies to that thread enough feedback for you?