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Community Unlimited Internet Consultation…It’s Coming!

former giff-staffer

Hi all,


A month or so ago we confirmed that we would begin consultation with the giffgaff community around Unlimited Internet. Well I am delighted to be able to tell you this will be happening from Monday the 10th of September.


We have been working hard recently to finalise our Mobile Internet Strategy and we are now ready to share all of this information and our ideas with you on Monday. At the same time, we will open up a vote on one of the key decisions which needs to be made in the coming weeks. We want to run this consultation until September 20th, after which we will pull together all the feedback and share with you the general consensus of the community.


This is a really exciting time for us as a company and being able to open up this discussion to everyone and get you involved in our final Mobile Internet Strategy.





I'm right...



by oldyorkie 3 minutes ago


 and hoping that gg  have managed to find a solution  that keeps the bean counters happy


I agree with the sentiment of welcoming the chance to close this off by member consultation...... but I hope that gg haven't yet found a solution ..... otherwise any vote that we're being told is going to happen would be a futile excercise?


I'm hoping that gg will find a solution that keeps the bean counters happy  :smileyvery-happy::smileytongue:



@ Yorkie ,  you quite  right ,  bad choice of wording on my part ......... now anended to read ......


"  and hoping that gg  have managed to find a proposition  /  possible  plan  that keeps the bean counters happy and still manages to give us ( members ) a deal that puts a smile on our faces ."    ........   Smiley Happy




rocket scientist
how much consultation do you need :/

To be honest I am surprised it has taken this LONG to have this sorted out.


I mean come on, these debates have been going on long enough and people want to have unlimited internet, but with people being banned, they think they're being "conned". Obviously this is not what giffgaff wants its members to beleive, but people don't know what to believe.


I really hope the internet can stay unlimited after ASA were in giffgaff's favour.


Rest aside this, I haven't seen any data bar threads on here, so I am to assume that giffgaff have stopped the bans, and are only warning those who are actually affecting the network, and those using the internet for legitimate usage? I hope my logic there is correct.


But ultimately, it's down to how giffgaff can control the internet and make sure it's financially viable, otherwise they will lose a lot of money when they simply do not need to. Descisions, descisions....


I guess all we can do is wait until Monday and hear what words Gregg types here on the upcoming update, one in which I am interested and eager to learn about. 

academic running the show!!


Let's get the ball rolling for a nice debate about this. 


Nice one, cant wait to get involved in that...Smiley Happy


woundering if someone could help me i have my mums old contract phone (nokia 5230) and when i go to use my internet it wont allow me to conect to the internet but my texts and 250 minutes are working i was woundering if you could inbox me and help me because i use my phone for facebook and i cant go on because of the internet Smiley Sad please can you help me get asses to the internet please. please can you reply to me by inbox.


@lamberto123 .. texting settings to 2020 should get the internet settings for you, but failing that do this...


The Nokia guide to setting up internet........
Click on menu>select settings >scroll down
click on 'configuration'>click personal configuration settings >click on add new >choose multimedia>account name : mms>server name : click ok>
choose use preferred access point : select no >
Access point settings >
Username: giffgaff
password: password
proxy : enable
and then save


the above is courtesy of member autodriveuk


What happened after the microgaff debate.. nothing...


Your going to do whatever you have already decided...


This is just pandering to your customers, nothing more, nothing less.