Competition time... (closed)

Competition time... (closed)

by naiha on ‎22-05-2012 18:00 - last edited on ‎10-10-2014 19:08 by zobia22 (6,725 Views)

Hi folks,


As you know we love running a good old competition, and we would love to get as many of you involved as possible with this one.




The task for this competition is to pick a square using a number and letter from the grid below and if you guess the correct square with the correct number and letter we are looking for, you will be put into a draw to win a giffgaff goodybox, which includes a selection of 10 of giffgaff’s finest branded items.


To enter, post your response on this blog - please ensure you use the following format, For example - 'JOE BLOGGS - 4D' 


You can only enter the competition once. If you enter more than once, only your first post will be valid. 



All entries

to be in by Tuesday 29th May BEFORE 4pm. We will choose 2 winners, one from the community and one from Twitter. 


If you are unlucky please don’t worry we will be running the goodybox competition once a month, so there is always another chance to win.  


Good luck






Thank you for all your entries, the competition is now closed, as of 4pm today, there are a fair few entries to go through, but we will announce the winners as soon we can.  





Once again thank you for all the entries, the correct answer was number/letter B4. And the winner is - Tarsins - 

CONGRATULATIONS, I will PM you for your details.


To everyone else, we will be holding another competiton middle of next month again, so you will have another chance to win a giffgaff goodybox. Smiley Happy

by stealthybigboss2
on ‎22-05-2012 18:01
C4 Smiley Very Happy
by big cheese pinkcalculator
on ‎22-05-2012 18:02
Lol that sounds to complicated for me Smiley Sad might have to do it on a lappy too bet my iPad won't do it
by lelacool
on ‎22-05-2012 18:03
Oh sounds good I'd love the goody my mum has one
by giffgaff; ergo sum bonusball
‎22-05-2012 18:04 - edited ‎22-05-2012 18:16

bonusball e 10

by oslingsby virtuoso
on ‎22-05-2012 18:05


by no51get
on ‎22-05-2012 18:06

no51get H1


I never win anything.....Smiley Sad 

by jaygb1982
on ‎22-05-2012 18:08

jaygb1982 - H11

by cl4554ct
on ‎22-05-2012 18:08



by jphillips
on ‎22-05-2012 18:09
by rene2012
on ‎22-05-2012 18:10


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