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Content vs Support across social media channels

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We’ve talked a lot about the changes and challenges of integrating customer support across multiple channels this week – integrating customer support across twitter and facebook within our community forum.


The other challenge we’re facing is balancing support and content. We’ve made a lot of inroads this week helping to remove customer queries from “the wall” with the launch of Facebook help and answering questions from the @giffgaffhelp twitter handle. Therefore leaving more space for content – news, views, competitions etc.  


Our “Community” is no longer defined as the people who are registered contributors of your forum, they include your facebook fans, twitter followers, readers of the fan pages some of your customers have created.  We’re interested to see how our members are interacting between all the different social media channels as well – which will help us to better support them


We’ve set up an online survey to let you tell us what you’re interested in – what you’d like to see more /less of across the Community, Blog, Twitter and Facebook.


We’ll collate the results and share these with you via the Blog next week. Your comments will help shape our social media content and support over the coming months


Thanks in advance for your participation – we really appreciate you taking time to jot down your thoughts


Cheers! Claire, Heather and Vincent


Complete the survey here:


The survey only takes no more than 2 minutes to do, it's worth everyone taking a look and doing it.


Yes, I've done the survey. Hopefully we'll get some results!

former giff-staffer

Thanks jamesdn and thinkpad - I look forward to reading everyones comments. We'll be collating the findings and popping them in a blog this week.


It's not too late for others to jot down their thoughts / preferences for content and support:


According to the 100+ people who've completed it already, on average it takes 6 minutes to complete. You're time is very much appreciated!


Cheers! Claire 


Just done it, took about 2 minutes. (Not a big fan of social networking sites though)

former giff-staffer

The results are in - thanks to everyone that participated: results published in the More of the same please blog