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Data only gigabags are here

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handy giff-staffer

This morning I am pleased to announce the launch of our data only gigabags.


If you are a regular community member or pop by the blog frequently, you would have hopefully seen Vincent discussing all things data in the forum and I posted a blog on data only ‘gigabag’ prices a few weeks back.


For a bit of fun Smiley Happy and to maybe help you think about what gigabag you should buy, we have compiled a list of what you could do with your data. These are approx volumes.


  • With 1gb, you can listen to 16 hours of radio, that’s a lot of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.
  • 3gb will enable you to send 3 million basic/text e-mails.  Which is a lot.

So that’s it. Welcome the gigbags into the giffgaff product family and enjoy.


Have a great Thursday.



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and i might try a gigabag out next month Smiley Happy

I bought a gigabag fusing the credit on my account and the credit has dissappeared but no active gigabag showing Smiley Sad


i ask to redeem my payback no body did it noting...wast time   network..

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Can someone confirm this is correct.


I can order a microsim for an ipad 2, create a second account (so I can continue to use voice/text/data goodybags on an android) and buy a £5 gigabag that gets me up to 500MB in a month. In order to roll into a second month I need to pre-buy another gigabag prior to the first one expiring.


If however I don't buy another one (I am a very occasional 3G user on ipad mostly using it on wifi) the microsim will continue to work fine but I will just be charged 20p for every day its used (up to 20MB). I intend to turn 3G off when not in use. This will continue until I either cancel the account or add another gigabag.


Do I actually need to buy a gigabag in the first place or can I get a microsim and just use it at 20p per day (up to 20MB)?






You can only use gigabags in the ipad, the pay as you go data (20p for 20mb) on Giffgaff is for mobile phone use only.




Thanks elmetodo


I'm a bit confused about this. According to it does revert back to 'standard rates' but you're saying this isn't the case for gigabags for ipad? The reason I ask is that this appears to be perfect for occasional use compared to occasional and pay-as-you-go offers from other 3G providers as they typically charge around 2 quid per day for access or have a rolling 10 quid contract. The combination of gigabag + standard rates would suit my usage profile perfectly!


Should this be moved to the forum? I'm not a forum user so don't really understand where the boundaries lie between new product queries and direct help.

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I think some confusion is setting in here.


Once a gigabag allowance is used up during its month, then you have a 50MB buffer, then it reverts to 2p per MB while the gigabag is still in its months validity.


Once the month is up, then the account has no bag on it, therefore if any credit is present then that would be used at the 20p/day up to 20MB then 20p for each additional MB rate.


All previous terms and conditions relating to the use of payg credit in devices other than phones have now been removed from the T&Cs , therefore standard payg use in such devices is now permitted.



darrenpainter: "All previous terms and conditions relating to the use of payg credit in devices other than phones have now been removed from the T&Cs , therefore standard payg use in such devices is now permitted."


It still has (now in 5.13):


5.13. In addition to our standard terms and conditions, all usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not use your SIM Card: a) In, or connected to, any other device including modems, dongles or any other way to connect to a PC (unless you are on a gigabag plan)


I know it doesn't specifically mention tablets, but I can't remember whether it did before.

giffgaff head-scratcher
Rhinoman, section 5 relates to goodybags section 4 relates to PAYG which now no longer has any reference to permitted devices/tethering? I was very particular to mention PAYG in my statement to avoid that confusion Smiley Happy