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Data only gigabags are here

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

This morning I am pleased to announce the launch of our data only gigabags.


If you are a regular community member or pop by the blog frequently, you would have hopefully seen Vincent discussing all things data in the forum and I posted a blog on data only ‘gigabag’ prices a few weeks back.


For a bit of fun Smiley Happy and to maybe help you think about what gigabag you should buy, we have compiled a list of what you could do with your data. These are approx volumes.


  • With 1gb, you can listen to 16 hours of radio, that’s a lot of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.
  • 3gb will enable you to send 3 million basic/text e-mails.  Which is a lot.

So that’s it. Welcome the gigbags into the giffgaff product family and enjoy.


Have a great Thursday.



I've just been introduced to giffgaff and was excited by the prospect a data only package but am bitterly disappointed at a waste of £7.50 for my 1Gb of data. Apparently, I've used all my data between about 5pm when I registered last night and 7am this morning when to my dismay I was notified I'd used all my allowance ... Which is not possible for three reasons 1. I had data cellular data turned off 2. I was asleep for most or that time and 3 When I wasn't asleep I have been logged in to my home wifi network. So what's going on? Has anyone else had this problem?... If I'm not going to be able to use my data because if this doesn't get sorted I shall stop using giffgaff before I even had the chance to use it! Thanks to advice from another forum I've sent a message to the giffgaff agent and am awaiting a respnse. But I would be interested to know if other people have had a similar problem.



Check the data counter on the 'My giffgaff' page (on the right wher it tells you that you have a gigabag). It will tell you how much you really have left. That message seems to have mistakenly gone to several people (including me) this weekend.


@rhinoman Next to my gigabag it says 1011.8 MB Data so is this the amount I have left? Oh I assumed it was what I'd used and I didn't want to try using any just in case I got charged even more money. I'd be delighted if it's just a case of a little message sent in error.. few!  Thank you for your assistance I am much happier now.


I plan to use a gigabag SIM in an unlocked dongle.  However, I do not need to use this dongle every month.  Could you please confirm that it is inorder to load the SIM card as and when I need it for 30 day periods?  Thank you


I am trying the new gigabag ....for new people you need: Unlocked Dongle or o2 Dongles work I believe I got an unlocked o2 Dongle off ebay about £17.00...then as below....


1)TWO Giffgaff accounts if have phone on one account

2) you need to get a MICRO Sim from many Giffgaff members can supply these

3) Then to top up Goody Bag you have to top up £10 Miniumum so the only option is the 3gb at £12.50 for the month as the other options are below £10


Then after this I think and hope you can decide which option of data package you want....


I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, first couple of days dropped out on the down...then seemed to settle down for a bit....lately it has been dropping out again ...example I checked my email...wrote an email used spamfighter to check everything ok, then could not get on Giffgaff or anything else as google was saying change setting under the bonnet, then I put my vodafone dongle and sim and got online no problem then changed over to Giffgaff with above dongle ok again don't know why this is ???? all in all it is ok apart from that as this is happening not all the time so don't be put off when it is going it is great just this niggle

big cheese
Point 3 You mean gigabag You could just add £10 credit ( then if you had a referal sim you would gave £15 credit) then use the credit to purchase a £5 gigabag ( no need for £10) You will then have credit for calls and txt ( if you wanted) on pay as you go As long as you don't want another type of bag you only even need one sim if you didn't mind samwaping them. Hope that helps
I've recently just tried a Gigabag, in my phone, and have to say I never realised how much data I use! Smiley Surprised At this rate of use I will be out of data half way through the month. That's going to be an expensive two weeks! Still, I can't wait to hear any updates on the iPhone tethering workaround that Tom mentioned earlier. That would be great! Smiley Happy
Unable to reach from my iPad, just keeps loading the phone tariffs; anyone else having this problem/is it limited to iPad?
Is anyone going to sort out the iPhone hotspot ??