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Data only gigabags are here

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

This morning I am pleased to announce the launch of our data only gigabags.


If you are a regular community member or pop by the blog frequently, you would have hopefully seen Vincent discussing all things data in the forum and I posted a blog on data only ‘gigabag’ prices a few weeks back.


For a bit of fun Smiley Happy and to maybe help you think about what gigabag you should buy, we have compiled a list of what you could do with your data. These are approx volumes.


  • With 1gb, you can listen to 16 hours of radio, that’s a lot of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.
  • 3gb will enable you to send 3 million basic/text e-mails.  Which is a lot.

So that’s it. Welcome the gigbags into the giffgaff product family and enjoy.


Have a great Thursday.




Instead of having £5 gigabag, £10 gigabag and £15 gigabag, why not call the goodybags


£5 - 1/2gigabag


£10 - 1gigabag


£15 - 3gigabag


It would still fit on the goodybag outline picture, and to me it seems a clearer identification of each goodybag. At the moment you see £5 goodybag and you have to read the text next to it as to what it actually is.



Can't login-(wrong details??) Change password-Try 1st top-up- doesn't happen.

First time with giffgaff-not looking good is it? perhaps the bin next.



I note that the site says 'no iPhone'. I have and HP Pre 3 but no internet signal is being passed when using the mobile hotspot app (the phone links properly with the tablet over wifi but the browser on the tablet reports no internet). Is this likley to be the same problem as with iPhone, or something more specific to my device/setup


hopefully this will get more people to join giffgaff.

Why can't I have my gigabag on the same account as my mobile phone? Having to have two logins is a little annoying - am I missing something?

so can we have a gigabyte goodybag and a normal goodybag running at the same time ?


handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

Hi timahy, we are looking at having one account with multiple products but it will take a long time to deliver due to the complexity. We didn't want to delay the launch of the data only products for this as they also have taken a while to get live and there was demand by many of our members. Thanks.

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

riksta, not on the same account. You can have two seperate SIM's (with different accounts), buy a goodybag on one and a gigabag on the other.


this is great, now let's get the blackberrys sorted shall we!!

lives and breathes giffgaff
android running froyo 2.2 makes a great wifi hotspot on the gg data bags.