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Data only gigabags are here

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

This morning I am pleased to announce the launch of our data only gigabags.


If you are a regular community member or pop by the blog frequently, you would have hopefully seen Vincent discussing all things data in the forum and I posted a blog on data only ‘gigabag’ prices a few weeks back.


For a bit of fun Smiley Happy and to maybe help you think about what gigabag you should buy, we have compiled a list of what you could do with your data. These are approx volumes.


  • With 1gb, you can listen to 16 hours of radio, that’s a lot of Radio 1’s Zane Lowe.
  • 3gb will enable you to send 3 million basic/text e-mails.  Which is a lot.

So that’s it. Welcome the gigbags into the giffgaff product family and enjoy.


Have a great Thursday.




just had a look ffor myself 

now all we need is for o2 to improve there 3G coverege

big cheese
Get a mast at the end of my garden please .....
top cat
@cheapnetwork o2 have ordered new masts so i think that will be covered Smiley Happy soon
giffgaff head-scratcher

Sorry I can't do any of those wonderful things you mention, as my goodybag purchase and that of a few others are stuck on 'processing/goodybag in progress' for the last half an hour or so I'm afraid


Maybe advisable to hold of on the trumpets until things had bedded in first, if there is a wider issue, then this may just add even more members to the queue of people waiting for the system to work

handy giff-staffer tom
handy giff-staffer

Thanks for letting me know and sorry you are having a problem, I'll flag it to the Tech team.

giffgaff head-scratcher

Thanks, I believe Cameron is aware as we have been discussing it on his thread

How come when I try to add a Gigabag it doesn't start for a month?, I'd like to tether today.
giffgaff head-scratcher

ma1kie, do you already have a goodybag on your account. If so, then that is why, because a goodybag and a gigabag cannot co-exist during the same month.

big cheese
Probably as you already have a goodybag ? You can't have a sim with both you'd need another sim. Is that what's happened with you
Must be, can I swap plans or do I need another sim card?