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Data only goodybags

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We have been working on delivering a data only goodybag and I can happily confirm that it these products will go live on the 10th October. In fact we are not launching one data only product but three. These are;


£5 for 500MB

£7.50 for 1GB

£12.50 for 3GB


Vincent has been discussing Data only goodybags in the Forum.  These products are to use with tablets, like iPads, dongles and other data devices.  If you wanted to tether with these data products, unlike our goodybags, you can.  These data only bags last for one month and can be bought from balance or with a debit or credit card (much like our goodybags). 


If you run over your allowance (e.g. 1GB), we’ll give you an extra 50MB for free.  If you then use all of this we have a special data goodybag rate of 2p per MB until the data goodybag expires.  We are planning to send you messages to let you know if you have used your allowance, when you start using the free 50MB and again when the 50MB is used up.


And this is what the data only goodybags looks like. 



We looked at data usage, went through lots of excel spreadsheets and double checked the fine details and we’ve squeezed as much data as we can into each of these goodybags, in fact if you use every bit of data in these products, giffgaff will lose money.  However we predict that not everyone who buys them is going to use all the data, so the overall data usage on these goodybags will balance out meaning that these really are the best value we can give to you.


Accompanying the launch of these lovely data only products is a new giffgaff App.  Vincent is discussing it in the Forum, so pop over if you want to take a sneak preview of features or contribute any ideas.


A data only product has been a popular idea on the Ideas Board, with over 100 Kudos, so it is great to be able to deliver and launch these products.



The £5 one might come in handy when i know that i wont be using many minutes .but for the most part,i will continue with the £10 bag as it covers you for everything except tethering. Neil

Woop woop! My Chromebook just got a whole lot more useful Smiley Happy 


The £5 data bag is the only one that will be of any interest to phone users - £7.50 is too close to the £10 goodybag to make it worth it. The big question is, if using up all the data in say a 3GB goodybag will actually cost giffgaff money, then how much money are they losing to people who manage to use around 15GB per month in their phone on the £10 bag??

@ragnorak The reason why giffgaff can afford to offer unlimited internet on the £10 goodybag is that, though heavier users are incurring them a loss on internet costs, such losses are offset by means of: - income from inbound calls - the fact that the AVERAGE data usage of unlimited data customers is an amount which is affordable for giffgaff.

What? How can they make a loss from this? When you top up £10 with O2 you get  £10 credit+300texts+500MB internet, O2's call prices might be double but at least you get the free internet and texts for it, and the service can often be better. Sorry GiffGaff but you are no longer for me, I had high hopes for these GigaBags Smiley Sad

@oettam If you move to O2, how often will you top up by £10? And how many minutes/texts/MB do you need per month?

With regards to the profitability of the bags, it needs to be borne in mind that giffgaff are buying their data from O2; thus giffgaff's data expenses would naturally be higher than O2's (who are reselling to giffgaff at a profit).
I ate the FAQ

Well this is perfect for me as I use very few minutes or texts but like to have occasional internet usage when out and about.  


This just takes the worry about going over the 20mb daily limit for me as it's not worth me having a £10 goodybag.  Having the option to tether is a bonus. 


To make these even more attractive, how about adding a small call and text allowance? That would be great for tablet users.


Pleased to hear this, no need to use the o2 dongle when my home broadband is down!


Though of course i won't be able to get it if i have a goodybag active at the time- surely the two (goodybags and gigabags) should be able to used simultaneously!?