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Digitise your content with CamScanner




CamScanner is an App that converts your smartphone into a scanner. “Er… I can just take a photo instead”, you say. Well, this is much more than that.


CamScanner uses its own algorithm that not only crops images but also enhances them, making them much clearer. It allows you to angle the image however you want, allowing you to remove an unwanted section. What’s more is that a filter can be added to your scanned image. You can make it black & white, make it brighter or leave it as it is. 


 1.PNG 2.PNG




Additionally, the app allows you to edit your scanned images so that you can annotate them and even add your own watermark to them – a very handy feature if you’re going to be sharing your images with others. The editing tool gives you an option for pen size and colour too so you can differentiate between crucial and not so crucial areas. The image can also be rotated.


 5.PNG 6.PNG


CamScanner allows for all your scanned images to be saved and synced across all your devices via the cloud. This means you can access and edit any saved documents from your smartphone or tablet. You can also access and edit it via the CamScanner website on your PC but you will need to register an account prior to doing so. 

In addition to this, you can upload to other supported cloud services, such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive Smiley Wink


Your scanned images can be shared with others via email as a file link, JPG file, PDF file and secure file link. So if you don’t want others to see it, you can set a passcode.

You can even set the size of the PDF. There are a lot of choices. Please note though that with the free version a watermark (‘Generated by camscanner’) will appear at the bottom but it does not cover any part of your image. You can save to your photo album on your smartphone (without a watermark).


What makes this app even more amazing is that its ‘OCR’ (optical character recognition) feature recognises text in the image and then extracts the text so that you can search for it later.

You can also add tags, in order to categorise your images - a great way of keeping all your scanned documents organised. 


 IMG_8020.PNG IMG_8018.PNG 




Wait. There’s more….


If you want feedback on any documents, you’re able to invite your friends / family. Doing so will enable them to view it and comment on it too. Great.


Want to print what you’ve scanned? Well, you can do that too via AirPrint, with a nearby printer. Fantastic!


I would recommend signing up. Even though you can scan and edit your document images without logging in, you’re restricted to doing just that. The app will not let you share with others. You’ll also not be able to sync to all your devices without an account.


It’s a really handy app, don’t you think? I think it’s amazing; very convenient and useful. You can use it for many different things but I’ve been using it to scan receipts. I don’t like keeping paper and, let’s be honest, how many of us actually keep our receipts unless it’s for a very expensive product?


With CamScanner you can freely scan your receipt and then bin it (or better yet, recycle it) because with the sync feature, you’ll have a digitised copy of it on your smartphone and/or tablet. You never know when you might need it…. Smiley Wink


It is available to download on:


iOS (iPhone & iPad)




I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading my blog. Let me know what YOU think of the app in the comment section below.


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^ Awesome Smiley Happy



looks like a good app 


See below.


I've used it for over a year now and have found it really handy - new uses keep croping up. Its worth taking a look at, if the blog post on the App makes it look like it might meet your needs.


This is a great app. I binned our scanner as soon as I started using this app to copy any documents I needed a record of or to  email somewhere. I particularly like the way that it "unfolds" the document you are copying so that you do not need to fully flatten the document before you take the picture.

grand master

Very cool app! Not too sure if I'd use it personally though Smiley Sad I have nothing to use it for lol!

kung fu master

Thanks @shadylady - I'm off to have a look/play now.


Thanks for the blog, nice tip to, will have  play and give my views on it.


Also im gonna scan some fifty pound notes and see if they look like the real ones, if so happy daysSmiley Very Happy

Thanks for interesting and well written article.
I've been a long term user. I use it to convert letters to a digital format. It's also got an OCR plugin so you can search the images. I also automatically export them to PDF format and store it securely in the cloud. Means wherever I am I have a copy of all correspondence, receipts, meetings etc. Comes in really handy.