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Do you have the oldest phone on giffgaff?

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In honour of the Mobile World Congress which is happening this week. We want to celebrate the folks using a handset that’s a little bit older than the ones being launched at the congress. In fact, if you happen to be the one person who is using the oldest phone we will send you a brand new phone! Smiley Happy


What you have to do


To take part in the competition please comment on the blog, or #giffgaffsoldestphone on Twitter with


1) The make of your handset

2) The model of your handset

3) The year your handset was released


For Example


(blog entry should look like this) - Samsung, Galaxy SII, 2011


(Twitter entry should look like this ) - #giffgaffsoldestphone Samsung Galaxy SII 2011



Whoever is using the oldest handset will win a brand new phone, courtesy of us!




This competition will run for one week starting 28/02/12 at 5pm until 6/03/12 until 5pm so make sure you get your handset details in quickly. 


Good luck Smiley Happy 



mobile phones


Nokia 1100 2003

I was going to ask what brand new phone is on offer, and how you are going to ensure that the winner isn't lying - but I guess I'll have to read the t&cs first Smiley Happy

that's worth a root around for an ancient motorola I have somewhere... hope it'll work.

nice idea for a competition guys & gals

Presumably your phone will be IMEI checked to make sure you're not lying? And can you just pick an old phone out of a drawer, use it for 10 seconds on giffgaff then enter?

I imagine ebay will suddenly see prices of StarTacs shooting upwards...


Also, giffgaff guys, surely you can spot the oldest phone through the IMEI?

dodgy date in t&cs lol

lol this one is sooooo open to abuse.

Nokia, 3330, 2000
head honcho

Sony ericcson w200i 2007 on my cupboard, still there


Nokia 6021, 2005. And I've made calls on it this month, before this competition was announced Smiley Tongue