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Don't leave it to the last minute to win £1500 worth vouchers this week

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Just with just two giffgaff goodies challenges left - make sure you're in to win.


This weeks one is all about helping to promote how easy it is to transfer your number to giffgaff and getting the best value from giffgaff. 


Is your mum calling you on another number? According to last weeks survey results, the average PAYG user has more than one SIM - which means there are loads of extra SIMs floating around in wallets across the UK. 


We know that members who transfer their number over to giffgaff are more likely to be getting the best value (as they're not splitting their top-ups over more than one PAYG SIM) - with calls, texts and mobile internet all in the one place our members can make the best of our goodybag range (like the £10 goodybag which gives you unlimited UK texts, UK mobile internet and 250 UK minutes to landlines and mobiles).


Getting the best value, what's your recommended plan? giffgaff also tries to help its members by giving them a personalised monthly summary of how they used their phone - calculating ther savings on things like free giffgaff to giffgaff calls/texts, free twitter/ facebook updates, 0800 calls etc. Plus it includes a recommended plan based on your recent usage - to help make sure you're getting the best value from giffgaff. We send this out via email each month - to see what you need to do to make sure you're getting emails from giffgaff, check this step by step guide.


If you're getting the best value, you're more likely to stay with us, which is good news as it helps to keep our costs down as we don't have to spend as much on acquiring new customers.


For more details about how to enter this weeks challenge, check out: giffgaff goodies Challenge #5: Getting the best value




And drum roll please........ the results from last weeks challenge - getting your phone giffgaffed, challenge #4:


Last weeks challenge was all about getting your phone properly giffgaffed, making sure your mobile internet was working  - we had a great response to the survey, with over 5k people completing the survey - I'll pop up another blog next week with a few of the results. 


We've now got 1267 winners, see if your name is on our list of winners yet under our giffgaff goodies winners post. Remember to update your address details - as we'll be posting all the prizes out in a few weeks time based on your My giffgaff details.


I'm feeling like Father Christmas, I made jbagshaw's day - they were the lucky winner of an adventure experience worth£1500. Hope you have fun selecting your Envy experience, and enjoy the Marriott!


Have a great weekend folks, Claire 


congratulations !!!!!!! to previous winners

congratz to winners, now its my turn! ;p

Congrats to the winners. My name is in the hat for the next one!!


I still have to say I do not agree with this weeks competition... Not open to all which does not make it fair...


Just my view though Smiley Sad


icklesimba - This weeks competition is open to all. Just fill in the form if you've already transfered your number -



i hope i win


Argh if only i looked at this earlier but congrats to the winners!

rocket scientist

Hi were do you find the winners ?


OK got the message. Will Do ASAP next time. Thanks

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congratulations to all winners.