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Double Payback Bonanza: Offer extended!!

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UPDATE: 28/09/2015


GREAT NEWS: the double payback bonanza has been such a great success we've decided to extend it for another month: so now the offer will run until midnight 31st October.


See the original post below


Hi members,


For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Steve and I work in the Member Experience team. Some of the things I work on are; the member get member scheme, comms and loyalty. You can read more about me here.


I wanted to let you know about an exciting offer we have running in the last two weeks of September before the wider world finds out - this month we are giving all our members the chance to earn double Payback points for spreading giffgaff. Woohoo.


Usually when you bring a member to giffgaff, you receive £5 Payback but from today (14th September) you’ll earn £10 Payback for every friend you bring on board and they’ll get £5 free credit when they join. The offer started as soon as the clocks struck 12 today (12:00am) and will run until midnight 30th September 31st October.


You can connect up to 5 friends on the promotion in September/October and you'll get £5 bonus Payback for each one. They must use their phone within 60 days of activating their SIM card as per FAQ and T's and C's below. 


As you guys already know, spreading the giffgaff word is at the heart of giffgaff, so don’t miss out on this Payback offer to get double the rewards this month.


Read below for some more information related to the offer.




Steve J


Simple steps:

1) Order SIMs for your friends: Get your hands on a Spread giffgaff SIM card:

  • Order a SIM from Spread giffgaffand get it delivered to your home for you to pass on to your friend
  • Or pass on your Personalised Order Linkand they can order their own SIM card to their house
  • If you happen to have one lying around at home that you’ve ordered previously from Spread giffgaff, that’s fine too

2) Activate: Get your friend to Activate that SIM card during September or October - remember your friend will receive £5 credit when they activate (something for you, something for them).


3) Payback: We’ll give you £5 regular payback + £5 bonus payback = £10 Payback (we’ll update your Payback tally as per normal in October). You'll get an automatic notification of receiving £5 when your friend joins, we'll follow that up a few days later with a note to let you know that you've qualified for the bonus £5.


What is Payback? If you’re new to giffgaff – Payback is our way of saying thanks for helping us out. We tally all of your Payback points and pay it back to you twice a year (June and December). You can select to take it as credit, cash (via a PayPal payment) or you can donate it to charity. For more information see our Payback info page.


Good luck!


FAQ’s and terms below:



  • How do I know if I’ve been included in the offer? Simple, everyone is!
  • What is my personalised order link address? You can find it here under My giffgaff(it looks like this<replacewithyourmembername> i.e.
  • My friend activated, the confirmation email says I got £5? The automated notifications won’t mention the offer, we’ll pop you another message later if you’re opted in (within 3 working days) on confirming you qualified for the extra £5 bonus Payback.
  • I’m new, is this different to the Newbie offer? Yes, if you’re new (i.e. joined  within the last 6 weeks) you’ll still qualify for the Newbie offer and this additional offer.
  • When will I see the Payback points added to my tally? As per normal, we’ll update everyone’s tally on or around the 5thof the month – you’ll see the extra points appear on your Payback widget (under My giffgaff, at the bottom) on or around the 5
  • Is there a limit to how many friends I connect? Yes, only 5 qualify for the offer and your friends must have used their SIM card to make a chargeable call/text/used data or purchase a goodybag within 60 days of activating (i.e. you can’t have the SIM’s lying around at home unused for ages).
  • Are community points double as well? No, just spread giffgaff points


Additional Terms and conditions 

Double Payback points apply to activations between the 14th September and the 30th September 2015. Payback to be used in accordance with standard mgm and Payback terms. Double Payback is limited to 5 connects per member.

I got a free card in the post just after I joined giffgaff - I gave it to my daughters dad yesterday so I'm wondering if it'll be linked to my account to get the free £10 and £5 credit for him?
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@ gordie10 "Not a gremlin apparently - have a read through the earlier comments."

Aha ... it seems that the activation must be within 6 weeks, as long as the activation is also within 2 weeks ...


So ... if the activation can be within 6 weeks, what precisely is it that must have happened within 2 weeks to qualify?


i think there should be other incentives throught the site aswell like double points for helping in the community or somthing like that to get more people talking to eachother

So my ex got his £5 reward but I've not received anything yet??? Will it show in October payback?
Just in case anyone else is finding difficulty sharing to FB, you need to go to full desktop to see the share icon on that automatically let's you comment and share, on your mygiffgagf page. Hope that makes sense. I couldn't access it from my Android phone at first.
Good to know Smiley Happy

It's time to recruit some more friends to giffgaff!

Good to know
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@mhairieaton wrote:


I got a free card in the post just after I joined giffgaff - I gave it to my daughters dad yesterday so I'm wondering if it'll be linked to my account to get the free £10 and £5 credit for him?

I think so, yes. The activation took place during the offer period, so you should get the double payback. Smiley Happy




mhairieaton wrote:


So my ex got his £5 reward but I've not received anything yet??? Will it show in October payback?

Yes - it should appear in next month's calculations. You should get an e-mail before then though, to confirm you've earned the extra payback points from this offer.


All of this is in the FAQs at the end of the Blog post.