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Ease into mindfulness with Smiling Mind App


Smiling Mind is a free app based on a large body of research showing that mindfulness helps to develop a more positive attitude to life, as well as helping to reduce levels of anxiety and depression.


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You might have heard about mindfulness and come across ideas like mindful eating, mindful walking, and just general mindful living. But what is it?


Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment, with kindness and curiosity. Not the past or the future, but now. Smiling Mind is an app that helps to practice mindfulness to help you manage stress and build your resilience to meet the challenges of everyday life. And the evidence is that it works.


The app isn’t just for those who are having a difficult time. You try to eat well and stay fit to keep your body healthy, - mindfulness exercises are all about looking after your mind too. The app can easily be used by anyone who wants to practice mindfulness. With separate sections for 7-11, 12-15, 16-22 and over 22 age groups, it’s easy to find your way around. Each of the four programmes comes with its own playlist with its own unique content, which means there is a huge depth of material available here. As well as the Mindfulness playlists, each age group also has it’s own Bite Size and Extended playlists. These contain exercises for when you are short on time, or looking to start a longer session.


With badges to collect and your progress being self-measured as you go through the playlists, it is compelling to use and feel yourself start to relax. The app is well designed and is very much in keeping with the kind of clarity and sense precision and focus it is trying to promote.


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The Australian accent might take a bit of getting used to, but the narrator helps you through the various breathing and relaxation techniques on offer. The best thing is, you can then use them without depending on the app – though I find myself using it a lot as it is so great to use.


The app uses guided sessions, so if you’re looking for that and want to give that a go, this app is for you. If you’re an advanced meditator, you might find the structure a little restricting. But be assured that a team of well-regarded psychologists are behind the app’s development, and they clearly know what they are doing.


Here’s what seals the deal – the app is free on both Google Play and the iTunes App store. I highly recommend it.


What apps do you use that are designed to promote relaxation or meditation for wellbeing? Do they work for you?


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It's not for me lol

Nor me. Having to pick up your phone is probably the biggest source of stress in your life so leaving your phone off is probably more mindful than using the app. Its a bit like holding an AA meeting in a pub IMHO.

Have a mild distrust for apps like this
I think there are a lot of personal development ideas about. Some are more helpful than others,but in general they seem rather like snake oil, some sort of magic potion to put our lives right. I guess if it works for you it can't be bad but sometimes I think we spend far too much time thinking about ourselves rather than getting on an doing things. Not for me

What a shame, 4 comments and all neg energy coming from them. This app is about creating and spreading positivity amongst human beings. What can be wrong with that?


How can anyone comment on a process they have never tried or know nothing about?


This line: "I think we spend far too much time thinking about ourselves rather than getting on an doing things". 


Actually, it is the opposite. If we spent some time everyday working on ourselves and feeling grateful for the natural resources, friends, family and wealth around, the world would be a better place.



I think that we can be quite positive enough about ourselves without a phone app, which is no substitute for good Relationships and lifestyle

I think the idea of having an app that helps people move to a more mindful thinking cycle is fantastic, especially as it gives people the chance to do the activities and playlists when they have some free time or want to unwind.

Like @napolino said,  if we worked on ourselves and feel grateful for natural resources, the world would be a better place. 

Even using the app for 10 minutes a day, you would probably feel a lot better about yourself and begin to feel healthier, something we all want, don't we?


In order to run around and get things done physical fitness is required. So there are gyms everywhere you go. Less emphasis is given to your mental fitness and this is where mindfulness comes into play. You could wait until you have a physical collapse before addressing your fitness needs and equally you could wait until you suffer a mental issue such as depression before tackling your mental requirements. Better though to tackle your physical and mental needs on a regular basis. The gym etc for your physical needs and mindfulness for your mental needs. Take time out and relax a while. It will pay benefits on your long term mental state


Downloaded! Thank you! I've been using other mindfulness apps and the like, but this is more what I've been looking for


I don't see the need for a Mindfullness app, you should just incorporate it into yourlife with a few checkpoints each day