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Oscar Wilde


Where better to begin my obsessions blog than my love for the eloquent works and decadent life style of the Incomparable Oscar Wilde. It began for me where it did with many others; his gothic fictional work, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. This tremendously immersive novel scrapes the very depths of human morality, exposing the dark and corrupt side of a man’s nature that lays dormant inside of us all, just waiting to rise from the depths of our soul on the wings of the deadliest of sins, in this case; vanity. I could spend the entire blog interpreting the hidden meanings behind this fabulous work of art but alas, as always I am stifled by restrictions.


I recently buried myself in a dauntingly heavy book entitled, ‘Oscar Wilde: A Certain Genius’ by author Barbara Belford, and I suggest it to anyone interested. It is an exceptional piece, bringing to light the truth about Wilde’s life and times, an attempt to open the eyes of those who saw his works as egregious and distasteful, which was the general consensus of his critics in the 1800’s. His bravery to overcome the hate he endured and to stand up for what he was, despite the consequences which were severe, is to be ever admired and I will always hold a place in my heart for this courageous and eccentrically ingenious master of art.


Creative Writing


As hinted by my obsession above I have a great appreciation for the art of written work, and spend a worthy amount of my personal time writing short stories, fan fiction, poetry and even a novel which I have been working on for longer than I would like to admit. Nothing is more satisfying in the world of literature than creating a prose with the amalgamated talents of artful fingers and silver tongue, or imagining an esoteric witticism and jotting it down to later be fittingly appropriated by one of your pieces in progress.


I cannot recall where this obsession began but a great deal of my work has been based within online communities, specifically role play or general creative writing communities; sometimes for computer games where fan fiction is shared between members with equal appreciation. Perhaps it was my first games industry job application that sparked my passion for writing in this manner; where a requirement was to write a story based around the game Archlord. I keep a leather bound diary on my bedside table which harbours the fruits of my creative spew; I like to imagine that it will be distributed upon my death to reveal shocking secrets like in the film Cruel Intentions.


Single player RPG's


It had to make an appearance! My next obsession has to be the popular digital entertainment option that is; computer games! Not just any computer games though, my tastes succumb to only the most specific of genres, single player role playing games! As you have already read I have a passion for writing and for people who have the ability to wield a pen like a sword; carving a gripping story out of even the most trivial or stereotypical of subjects.


The single player RPG game genre is my favourite because the most important thing in a game for me is the story; it must be enthralling, it must be immersive and it must be well written. Out of all of the game developers’ Bioware has done the best job in providing me with the results I seek in this form of entertainment. I cannot choose the best moments between the historic revelations of extensive lore in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the heroic choices and emotional love circles in Dragon age and the fast paced action blended with the heartbreaking choices of who lives and who dies in Mass Effect. If you hand me an emotionally deep and well thought out RPG then you can feel free to say goodbye to me for a couple of weeks Smiley Happy


The Sun


No I am not trending pattern from previous obsessions by discussing my love of the crass word monstrosity paper which calls itself ‘News’. I am in fact quite literally referring to that yellow sphere of happiness that loyally sits and gazes down upon us all, the sun! I am the typical British person that laments when the sun recoils from sight and I cannot help it. I love the sun, the warmth beating down on one’s skin invigorates the senses in every way, and having a healthy tan doesn’t hurt aesthetically either.


Classic Animated Disney


Who can’t be obsessed with Disney? The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin!? These amazing films have imprinted themselves on the story board of my life, and their soundtracks imbedded into my mind for recollection of times where dreams were possible and fairytales were as real as breath. You cannot beat a Disney villain; they just have an excellent way of portraying the eccentricity of their dark nature and sinister intentions. Ursula, Scar, Jafar, Madame Mim, Cruella De Vil, need I say more?


So, those are a few of my obsessions, I could list a few more but don't want to bore you now do I? Smiley Wink


Hope you enjoyed the read.


Your friendly neighbourhood Educator,



I have to admit, I like disney films and I love RPGs. You'd have to be a mad man to not like Disney films.


Funny how I do not watch them all the time, yet I remember the songs rather well. 

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Hey mat tell me what sobgs where in the Disney epic Pirates or The Caribbean.?
ace of spades
A very interesting insight to your good self christian .. i too enjoy a bit of sun moderation and rpg for disney how could i not like with kids i had too watch them all 50 times over
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Songs not sobgs
lives and breathes giffgaff
Hmm i wonder does the creative writing come with pictures Smiley Tongue
Wilde - good call Smiley Happy

I really should break out of my reading habits (fantasy mainly, but also comedy, occasional sci-fi)  and try something new, so am tempted by Oscar Wilde but at the moment my main focus is on building a PC for Diablo 3


I think i mentioned it before on Kari's blog, but it would be great if the end of each Educator Obsessions Blog included links to the previous ones (so people dont have to trawl through the Blog section to find them)

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Rong42 I just performed.a search.of the blog and the results are at the end of the link.below.

"I have nothing to declare but my genius"


just like Oscar.Smiley Happy


@1hale I don't think "Pirates " is a classic animation.Smiley Wink

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Joolzolian you are right pirates is not a classic like Bambi and Dumbo and Mary Poppins but hey it is still a Disney movie.