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I absolutely love red. It is of one of my most obvious obsessions. Please, don’t  think I leave my house wearing red trousers and a red top to work. To be honest I don’t really have many pieces of clothing that are red. But I’ll always have something red on- like my shoes, a necklace, maybe the earrings, my bag or a scarf. Well, there’s always my red hair if I can’t find anything else. My room is all red and white. The bed sheets are red, my bed side table and the lamps as well. When my friends of family give me something that is not red, they’ll most probably say: “I know it’s not red, but I thought you’d like it anyway.



Zombie movies




I bet you were not expecting to read that, but it’s true, I’m absolutely in love with zombie movies. I especially like those very scary ones. However I really liked Zombieland( there were some scary scenes in it) and The Shaun of the Dead. 3 of my favourite zombie vies are Night of the living dead(1990), 28 days and 28 weeks. The best TV show right now has to be The Walking Dead, it’ll be back in October and I’m counting the days. It’s a great series. The first season was incredible and the second one had very good episodes too. It’s not one of those stupid zombie movies where people insist on shooting zombies anywhere in their bodies and keep missing their heads. I find that so annoying! I’d love to play the Resident Evil games or some other zombie games, but unfortunately, my nerves won’t let me. I get so nervous that I can’t do much and end up “dying” very quickly. I freeze when I need to run from the living dead.





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One of the reasons why I left my country to live here in the UK was that I knew it would be easier to conquer the world if I lived here. When I lived in Brazil, I sometimes felt I was too far away from the rest of the world. Well, I was definitely too far away from Europe, more specifically 11 hours (of flight) and hundreds of pounds away. Now I will travel whenever I have the chance to. The most amazing trip I’ve had is when mum and I went to Egypt in 2010. We had shared the dream of setting foot in Egypt for many years. So it was really very special to see the pyramids with her. People are so friendly and the weather is amazing. As a rule I don’t like to visit the same country twice, I even thought I might break that rule regarding going to Egypt again.  There’s so much to see there, I’m sure if we went back there dozens of times we’d still see new things. And I know mum wouldn’t have objections to that.






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 I’ve just recently found my love for cycling again. I bought my bike almost 2 years ago, and it’s one of my most precious things, although it didn’t really cost that much. I go everywhere by bike. I feel so free when I’m cycling.  I’ve been cycling to work every day. I have to admit it can be pretty hard for me, but I feel really addicted to it and luckily end up finding the strength to keep going. It’s a good workout, I also save money and it makes me feel incredible. It’s by far the best exercise ever. It’s the only one I can actually do every day and for more than 10 minutes. I think I could cycle the whole day, although I haven’t tried yet. Give me some more time to prepare and I might join a marathon next year. I’m sure it will be very exciting. And I’ll be happy if I can finish it.




I hope you’ve enjoyed the reading about my obsessions.

See you around on the community.



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my favourite colour

giffgaff pensioner
Very nice read Gaby and i like the part about cycling because i too love cycling and i love the routes i take as i've always got a great view of the Isle of Arran you can't beat going hell for leather on a mountain bike but i have to say my favourite colour is green ;-)
rocket scientist
Cycling ftw
giffgaff pensioner
@kevin_kazz100 Ftw?
lives and breathes giffgaff

***high five*** gaby i love horror movies amd zombie movies are one of those Smiley Wink 

blue is my fave colour Smiley Very Happy

@ suheluddin2 It is a beautiful colour, isn't?Smiley Happy


@jokeyboi77 ThanksSmiley Happy I'm quite upset at the moment. I hurt my knee yesterday and won't be able to cycle for 

a few days Smiley Frustrated Maybe that will give me some time to plan some new routes ; )

giffgaff pensioner
Yeah you need new routes Gaby we have a quite a few scenic routes we take and one of the routes has an amazing pub right beside a river and we pop in there for a cold beer if we take that route, i hope your knee gets better soon Gaby :-)

@ as7861 *high five*  I love horror movies in general, as you know specially zombie movies. By the way, I went to the movies to see The Possession the other day. 


@stealthybigboss Blue is a beautiful colour tooSmiley Wink