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Feedback from challenge 3

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Hi guys!


Hope you’re well :smileyhappy:


As part of the giffgaff goodiesChallenge #3for an opportunity to win £1500, (which was all about helping you make topping up easier, reminding our members about updating their card details and auto top-up) we included a survey where we asked responders if they had any comments good, bad or ugly. Many of you took part so thank you! I have been busy going through all your responses to find out exactly what the good, bad and ugly are of giffgaff!


The brilliant news is, the majority of you LOVE giffgaff, which is always nice to hear :smileyhappy: Below are some comments taken from the survey from you happy members:


The Good:

A lot of the comments were about how great the community is, how easy it is to find answers and how friendly things are. Other comments trended towards the service, the prices and value for money. Brilliant!


There are just a choice few:

A few new members are enjoying things so far:

“I'm new as of this week. I'm really excited about the way you do things. Everything seems so simple!”

“Well, i am a new customer and finding giffgaff excellent at the moment, cannot fault it one bit! Keep up the good work!!”

“First month with giffgaff. Loving it and making significant savings”

And from a few of the older members:

“You're all amazing! And I love working with you to make it better!”

“One of the best customer friendly networks currently out there - loads of flexibility, excellent customer service given that there is no dedicated call centre anywhere and above all looks after its loyal customer base!”

“Just want to say how great the community forum works. I have posted a few questions and all have been answered within a few minutes - brilliant!”


This is what we like to hear! But of course, nothing is ever perfect so here are some of the other comments/ suggestions. 

There weren’t too many tricky questions in amongst the responses and I’ve hopefully responded to anyone that looked like they were a bit stuck.  


Trending comments were around product developments like getting Blackberry services running, auto goodybags etc, so the good news is that these things are coming. A couple of comments about mobile internet coverage and customer service from Agents, we’ll be picking those up separately.


Here are just a few of the comments:


            Automated goodybags: –this is on the cards – latest information here “auto top up of goodybags..

I would like automated payments for goody bags so don't have to manually top up family members each month”

Please can we have auto top-up (recurring) goodie bags, pretty, please, nicely.” 

            Blackberry services – this is on the cards as Tom posted on his blog post. It is clearly something we want implemented soon. It is in the pipeline for later this year/early next year. The much anticipated backberry serice is one service all you BB lovers cannot wait to have!! In the mean time, there are a couple of alternatives to BBM like WhatsApp and Niimbuzz, which can be seen here on the Blackberry guide.


“Definitely need to get blackberry services up and running, with the tarriffs giffgaff has, people would jump on the bandwagon like sheep in a herd.”

“Welshrick - No Blackberry services”

Poor service for Blackberry users. This is disappointing”


            Itemised billing –While it isn’t possible at the moment to provide detailed itemised billing, we do send a monthly summary through our personalised usage statement. Here is a link to the idea, lend your support to the idea here.

“Itemised billing would be really great to have.”

“I'd like to have all my calls, texts and internet usage details itemised online” 


Suggestion of expanding the social off topic section:  

“I have no issues with giffgaff so good points are maybe the quick responsive responds to questions especially the other day everyone answered the question within a flash. and even if its on off topic people do respond and its friendly as i have been on other forums and they dont really care about other topics besides what the forum is based on. you should maybe expand the social:smileysurprised:ff topic section..”.


We’re always trying to make improvements – and we rely on our members to help us make suggestions and comments.


Product changes: If it is a product improvement, the ideas board is the best place to detail this and get member support to help us prioritise.


Service: If it is a complaint about a service, this FAQ explains our complaints process which we’ll do our best to resolve.  


Community: If there is anything or anyone on the forum that you are not happy with, click on the admin report button and of the educators can have a look and take the appropriate action, if needed.


And some more good / suggestions: cos it’s always nice to finish off with something sweet: enough about me, you talk about me:


You're awesome, best network ever. And I mean it! :smileywink:

“the educators are doing a great job.


Once again, thank you to all members who took part in this survey. You gave us some really great feedback. If you didn’t get a chance this time, don’t worry there will be another opportunity in the next week or so... watch out for one of the next giffgaff goodies challenges.


A quick reminder - if you’ve not already participated in Challenge #4, see here for more details.




great to see people are happy


Sorry but I'm asking again - I thought survey responses were anonymous? also, any reason why BB support has slipped so late?


So BB support's been pushed back again? How sly, I nearly missed it in this post! Hope it comes sooner rather than later - there's a huge number of people just waiting to come across once it's in place!


looking forward to auto top up goodybags

Its bad news that the blackberry has been pushed back again

im a new customer and i got my number transferred but its not done properly, when i call using giffgaff my old number comes up but when anyone calls me it goes through to my vodafone, so basically im using two sim cards with one number and the original giffgaff doesn't work? please help?


itz da best netwrk 


**bleep** reception on it :-(



great to see a little of what people put.


@clairekav Smiley Surprised it was about baby giraffes not ugly giraffes, unless you think baby giraffes are ugly?