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Find the cat

former giff-staffer

There is a cat in the picture, can you spot it?




Does it have its paw in front of its eyes?

giffgaff head-scratcher

No, but good guess Smiley Happy


Hi ingliston,


If your referring to the cat, well it doesn't have it's paw in front of it's eyes, it's sitting upright looking to your left.



head honcho

cat1.jpgta darr 


 That was a little trickier,but he's on the left of the big boulder in the middle of the picture

head honcho

Darren there isnt a polar bear in that photo....well form what i can see anyway Smiley Tongue

former giff-staffer

If it is there (the polar bear), I certainly haven't spotted it yet Smiley Happy

head honcho

POLAR BEAR.jpgIs this it?

giffgaff head-scratcher

Regarding the polar bear, you might be right.. But then it is the Antarctic in the photo, so unless it was on holiday, I wouldn't expect there to be one really Smiley Happy


Polar bears are native to the Arctic

head honcho

lool, you got us all darren, i still think what i marked in the photo kinda looks like a polar bear thou