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Find the cat

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There is a cat in the picture, can you spot it?




Lol, the "camouflaged" cat  too me a while to find, and the antartic polar bear made me wonder why you mentioned it, keeping us on our toes Smiley Happy

Here it is Finally I found it in 15 Seconds yaaayyyy


Im going to post a off topic to show where the cat is

by the wall lol

found both the cat and the bear.. any othe pictures, this is fun..


haha tbh it couldve been funny if vincent posted the photo and there wasnt a cat...the reacctions could be amusing Smiley Wink

I am the matrix

The cats nipped off behind the door to eat some whiskers and lap up some tasty milk!

@vincent wrote:

There is a cat in the picture, can you spot it?




I am the matrix

The cat thinks its a chamelion. I went to the zoo yesterday and saw a chamelion... Bit of a rubbish one then if you ask me lol


This was impossible, until someone posted the image Smiley Tongue


Can you find Wally?


head honcho

think i found him, is he next to the man in the green t-shirt next to the cat?