First giffgaff app in the Nokia Ovi Store

First giffgaff app in the Nokia Ovi Store

by vincent on ‎30-07-2010 11:44 - last edited on ‎03-07-2014 15:47 by zobia22 (8,015 Views)

Hi all,


I’m pleased to announce that we now have our very first giffgaff application in the Ovi Store. I seriously love the fact that our community continues to create fantastic apps and this one is no exception.


Created by jack17938, it is an app which gives you a quick and easy way of keeping up to date with giffgaff.


Specifically created with non-smart phones in mind, it is a fast loading RSS application that displays a condensed version of the giffgaff blog, the giffgaff welcome and news board and the giffgaff notice board.


This app will give you all the latest news, blog updates and possible outages direct from the giffgaff website.


The biggest benefit is that it doesn't require 3G signals to load quickly - and is only 0.01 Mb in size to download. It will work with most Nokia phones as there are 2 versions that should cover the whole range of phones. The 2 different versions aren't visible on the website however because Nokia is clever enough to decide which one you need when you enter your model number.


Well done jack17938 and thank you very much for sharing this with us.





by geekonthepc
on ‎30-07-2010 11:47

Finally!!!! Smiley Very Happy Cheers Jack!

by mary_r_t
on ‎30-07-2010 11:49

Well done jack!

by jack17938
on ‎30-07-2010 11:53

Thanks guys - it is a simple app, just to hold your attention while my bigger plans pan out...

by mary_r_t
on ‎30-07-2010 11:55

oooo - sounds interesting...

by tobyriding
on ‎30-07-2010 13:12

Nice work jack, well done.

by sweetcorn
on ‎31-07-2010 19:51
Will this work on a Nokia 3720? How do I implement it? Any instructions anywhere?
by jack17938
on ‎31-07-2010 20:07

Hi there,



As the creator I should be able to help. Yes - the program works for your mobile.


To get the app, just click the banner in Vincent's post and enter your mobile model. It will then ask for your mobile number to send the link to your mobile. If you have an Ovi login then use that bat your mobile and click download. If you do not have an Ovi account, create one and click download.


Once you have an Ovi account you can download many more Ovi apps.



If anyone has any more questions please email them to







by mondeoman1970
on ‎31-07-2010 22:36

This works great, thanks Jack.

by allan1954 soothsayer
on ‎01-08-2010 15:26

nice work jack weldone.

by alexb38
on ‎02-08-2010 11:38

Website coming soon by the way Smiley Wink

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