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Friday Poll: 13/01/2012

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Last week we asked your about your New Year Resolutions and 39% of you want to enjoy life more in 2012. Good luck to all your dreams and wishes for 2012 Smiley Happy We hope they come true!




This week with our 'Learn:Top Tips' in mind - we will be asking you how you best learn?


"The minute that you're not learning I believe you're dead.Jack Nicholson


Up soon! 


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Who really wants to work harder?

I DO. but i cant sell you giff gaff sims out to my friend and family when you just let me down... i requested automatic top up and that never happened so i came on line and ordered another goodybag for 10 pounds. you are now takin money off me each text i send when i should have free and unlimited texts...??? when you sort your side out i may feel confident in representing you....


@ poppypeekaboo68, automatic top up is for credit. when your balance falls below £3 due to a chargable call/text, then the automatic top up will kick in. at the moment its only possibly to queue one goodybag behind your active one, though giffgaff are suppose to be working on auto-renewing goodybags

if you definitely bought a goodybag (rather than just credit) does it say its live on you my giffgaff page? you might want to check your payment history to see if the transaction went through okay.


back on topic. couple of years ago I made a New Year's resolution to stop making new year's resolutions - managed to stick to it so far!

^^ haha nice one, my resolutiin is to get a new job lol
My resolution is to keep up with deadlines