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Friday Poll: 23/12/2011

former giff-staffer

Last week we asked you: Who is the best superhero?


You voted...


BATMAN as you favourite superhero! Smiley Happy


Here are the results:





Some answers from the official poll thread


joshaw:  its gota be Batman rite, why are those other insignificant self claimed super hero's on there :smileyvery-happy: Kidding. Cool poll :smileyhappy:

bluemoonbabz: Gotta be captain scarlett...

wightsnowolf: I would say Wolverine, I think he is epic.

the_joseph: The correct answer is Batman. Case closed.


This week we are asking you: Where do you get your best ideas? Vote and reply in the official thread

big cheese
In the bath
I'm sure I've seen a similar post created by tobias_b asking same question.
In the bedroom
in space, nice and quite to think lol
I would actually think again. Just cross out my answer please. I would actually think... When I'm sitting on the toilet. I close my eyes and put my both hands on the side of my head and close my eyes and think! Smiley Happy

Baws I thought it had to be Danger Mouse.


As for ideas all the studies in the past have shown that when resting your brain remains active and willing to explore new paths. Now of course most of these paths may be x-rated but every so often a gem is uneartherd.


I'm glad Batman won.

In my office chair. 


i think the reason batman was chosen is simply because he is the most awsome.


oh, and this might have something to do with it: