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Friday Poll 30/12/2011

former giff-staffer

Hi guys!


Hope you're all well :)


Last week we asked you, where do you get your best ideas? Winning by a huge milestone was...


'Lying in bed trying to sleep'.



 So, lying in bed really is the best time where you all get your thinking caps on :smileywink:


This week we are asking you, how will you be spending your new year? Vote and discuss in the official poll thread


Happy New Year! 


am i the only person who has stayed with giffgaff for 6 days  

i wont make it 7 though


I didn't even see this, where did the last week go?


I'm surprised on the toilet ddn't get more votes, some of my best work comes when I'm on the toilet, there and Tesco at one in the morning which I'm surprised wasn't an option.

I've always had my best ideas while in the shower, but that was another option that sadly didn't make the shortlist... :) P.S. Does tesco have a toilet, and is it open at one in the morning, as I can see that being a hot bed of good ideas... :) Wouldn't it stephenmiller?! ;)

I think it would Icy yeah, you know what it is about Tesco and I think for most people in the bathroom, they have really weird lighting: kinda feels ethereal or other worldly like you're in another dimension or something.

best ideas when asleepl lol
I like that idea stephenmiller... "Toilets From Another Dimension!" I can see that being a brilliant title, for some great B-Movie! ;)
navigator'll drive you round the bend! :D
And they say toilet humour is just some flash in the pan! :D I'm here all weekend! :)

Sorry I missed those first time round, i demand more toilet humour in this thread!

lol at stephen n ice ..u funny ppl :P