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Friday Poll Result: How long you have been participating here on the community?

former giff-staffer

With Claire’s challenge and your support last week we saw many new and old members participating on the forums. The Friday poll was part of the challenge. We asked you to share with us how long you have been participating here on the community and the results show us that as ever, giffgaff is driven by you our members. For this we salute you.




Next week’s poll: This one is going to require more than ever your support. For those of you have not yet read Tom’s blog post please do for next week’s Friday poll will be the beginning of making us all aware of a very serious campaign and as always, whatever we do involves you. There will be more on this to come early next week.


I think you mean how long David? Not Wow? Smiley Tongue
Will check out the poll
YE sorry there is a mistake in th title
head honcho
Wow long? Maybe it should say How long? Smiley Tongue
Lol David you silly buga!
former giff-staffer

doh or should that be wow my bad Smiley Wink

lives and breathes giffgaff
David I wondered where my naughty ipad was,having to use my streak lol

good to see the results.


Interesting! I think it would be good to have a clearer image, and one that has had the poll options re-ordered from most to least so it's easier to see which one has had the most votes. A simple bit of MSPaint for 2 minutes can solve it! Smiley Happy


New to GiffGaff only used the sim a few times,But i am starting to like the setup and recommending GifGaff to my friends