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Friday Poll Result: How long you have been participating here on the community?

former giff-staffer

With Claire’s challenge and your support last week we saw many new and old members participating on the forums. The Friday poll was part of the challenge. We asked you to share with us how long you have been participating here on the community and the results show us that as ever, giffgaff is driven by you our members. For this we salute you.




Next week’s poll: This one is going to require more than ever your support. For those of you have not yet read Tom’s blog post please do for next week’s Friday poll will be the beginning of making us all aware of a very serious campaign and as always, whatever we do involves you. There will be more on this to come early next week.



Spam-a-licous! Lovely stuff! Consider it reported...

big cheese
Keep looking James I've just spotted him somewhere else too!!!



Reported every post possible, don't worry.. And I'll continue too!

big cheese
I would report more except I don't have a report button on my app ..... And I think that holds true for the mobile forum as well so thank you for doing the job.
whos the spammer?

Seem to keep missing these polls... maybe it's because I don't participate on a Friday!


New to giffgaff and so far sooooooooooooo happy i found you. love the look and feel of the site, and tcant complain about the value for money. my coverage is unbelievable too. so all good. keep it up. think mi will be spending alot of time on here. 



new to giffgaff about few months but it is a great network with many benefits


Relatively new to Giffgaff, on for a month and loving it. Giff gaff is a revelation in the mobile service industry. Quirky, modern and i love the community aspect where we all share problems and solutions with one another. Its great. I've been with Orange for 15 years and 'shafted' by them many a time, so when a work collegue told me about Giffgaff i had to take a look. I'd never go back to a contract now. Giffgaff deserve to be the No1 provider in my eyes and i cannot spread the word enough. Lets all help giffgaff take over the world !!!!!!


What have I missed ?