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Friday Poll Results: 2/12/2011

former giff-staffer

Hi everyone, below are the results of the poll for this week:


It seems that the tree is an important art of the Xmassy feeling, although the results are pretty varied!



Christmas is celebrated in different ways by everyone, and we all start to feel and celebrate at different times. So How about you? Feel Christmassy yet? Or are you more of a Scrooge Smiley Wink? It's only a month away!

Top Choice: When the tree's up, I'm ready (29%)

Votes: 51
Votes: 58
Votes: 8
Votes: 59
Votes: 26
Thanks to everyone who voted Smiley Happy.
This week's poll is regarding blogging and where (if at all) you like to write articles. An discussion thread will be in Off-topic.

i cant see any just the % after Smiley Sad


but in a way im looking forward to xmas i just wish santa was actually real that way i wouldnt have the expense Smiley Happy