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Friday Poll Results: 2/12/2011

former giff-staffer

Hi everyone, below are the results of the poll for this week:


It seems that the tree is an important art of the Xmassy feeling, although the results are pretty varied!



Christmas is celebrated in different ways by everyone, and we all start to feel and celebrate at different times. So How about you? Feel Christmassy yet? Or are you more of a Scrooge ;)? It's only a month away!

Top Choice: When the tree's up, I'm ready (29%)

Votes: 51
Votes: 58
Votes: 8
Votes: 59
Votes: 26
Thanks to everyone who voted :).
This week's poll is regarding blogging and where (if at all) you like to write articles. An discussion thread will be in Off-topic.

Secret results :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the highlight tip


and bah humbug was only 2nd by one vote



See this weeks poll it is bah humbug. :smileymad:


The most popular answer is dead obvious and the dregs who follow will tell you nothing about forum users habits.


Next week can we have a more interesting poll like poster who has been the biggest tube that week ?

former giff-staffer

Just because you can't see it's use Hamishlaw, doesn't mean it's not useful information to us ;)

Poor poll

Hazel don't you start getting nippy with me :smileywink:


What information can giffgaff get from less than 100 votes ? Its like suggesting the ConLibs have a mandate to govern :smileywink:

former giff-staffer

I revert you to my previous post :p


Am I missing something? It's just a bit of fun - giffgaff aren't going to be holding a vote for UK parliament next week... I wouldn't worry :P.


Hazel I no like being reverted.


As for you James have you some kind of inside information about next week's poll ? I thought it was sown up as 'tube of the week' :smileywink:


can a person activate new giffgaff  sim with thee same old giffgaff number ???