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Friday Poll Results: Are you watching the Rugby World Cup?

former giff-staffer

Hello everyone, here are the results of last week's Poll, which was to see if our members were watching and supporting the Rugby World Cup. The results are below, with the winner being:


Not Bothered at all! 


Picture rugby.png




Thanks to everyone for voting Smiley Happy.


Next weeks Poll will be about the Olympic games and which events our members will be watching, so get voting!


I just knew it minimal support for mutants waddling around a mudbath after an egg while eating bits off each others faces before retiring to the bar for some dwarf throwing high jinks.


Jolly good show chaps.


will be watching the final..although i have barely grasped the rules of the game Smiley Tongue


Watch every game and will carry on doing so until England stuff the Kiwi's in the final great games so far better than those pansy footballers we have.

I have more fun watching paint dry.......or after 4.50pm actually trying to get my phone to make a call

We,ve been watching it at work, in the morning but I can't see scotland getting far if the last match is anything to go by

haha lol i dont like rugby

no chance


As for the Olympics and which events I will be watching.  Well I will be watching most of them as I will be there working


Is it just me or do others agree as yet the Rugby World Cup has not exactly offered up much excitement to encourage interest ? Is it just the pool matches are generally a foregone conclusion and it is the last 8 everyone is waiting for ?


At least with the Rugby on it takes away the chav's favorite programme away