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Friday Poll Results: Does the company you work for block social networking sites?

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2 Weeks ago we asked you if the company you work for blocks social networking sites?


314 of you let us know.


With a landslide percentage of 49%, you told us that your company does indeed block social networking sites.


Is this for productivity reasons? Are they restricting your communication? Are they not embracing this new market space?


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Nope. And I'd not work anywhere that did. As for music? My absolute faves are alternative ambient dubstep electronic experimental indie instrumental post rock progressive rock psychedelic psytrance shoegaze twee but I like tons of other stuff as well.

Perfectly understandable as we all know how easily we can be distracted Smiley Embarassed The surprising number was how many have open access Smiley Surprised

most do

It's always for prouctivity reasons. Seen people spend all day playing games on facebook otherwise.


Mine doesn't! I'm on right now! heheh! Smiley Happy 


I have just had YouTube and Facebook blocked.

Adding to the blocked list next week will be Gmail and Hotmail

None of these have anything to do with work.


Google will be blocked and replaced by and I expect, after it has been evaluated , to make them a contribution rather than have the adverts and data mining of Google


wow theres a lot of people who have access to it :/ must be very distracting though

I'm not sure I understand why companies restrict it - for most people, usage will be something like posting a quick message or IM a few times an hour (so about the same amount of time spent as people going for cig/water cooler breaks). Plus, no one really has 100% productivity except in the very short term, as that tends to result in burnout and stress. A bit of case of diminished returns!