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Friday Poll Results: Should people be forced to use their real name on the internet?

former giff-staffer

Recently there has been a discussion on the internet about whether you should keep your real name on the internet, with google+ forcing real names, and Mark Zuckerberg's sister wanting the same.



World of Warcraft to end anonymous

Randi Zuckerberg calls for end to anonymous


So we asked 'should people be forced to use their real name on the internet?' and you responding with an overwhelming majority.


This majority was against having to use your real name.


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Next weeks poll: With the release of the A-Level results yesterday and GCSE results next week, we have decided to ask what level of Education our members have reached?


it was all ways going to be a big vote for NO.

You shouldn't be displaying the results during a petition!.

They should only be displayed at the end.




I think real names should always be used.


A Nony Mouse


the answers in the question never


There is too much abuse on forums when people have a pop at others behind the secrecy of anonymity.

It is just the same as road rage. Its so easy when you feel protected and safe to deliberately abuse others, and then hide away when the flack comes back.

Look at web cams in the streets and their positive value during the recent riots.  So why do we have to hide in anonymity? Only people with something to hide should want to remain anonymous.


i am Lynz6 because my name is Lyndsey.  I dont abuse others on forums. I have no need to hide my name.


Vincent I presume, is a real name,. I presume joseph is also. So why are others so frightened of using theirs??


The only benefits of an AKA are its shortness i.e  Lynz vs. Lyndsey , or it may be cool, or it may say something about us like my nickname.  


For security purposes we could put our real names on our 'about me page' . So whats the problem??


The community staff here know my name, where I live, who I work for and even what I look like, I have nothing to hide, but I wouldn't want any of those things made available to everyone online. Part of the reason I no longer use social networks.


I don't mind anybody knowing my name and I have nothing to hide but I like to choose who I tell. There are certain situations in live went you don't want other to know of everything that you do such as split ups and family rows. So I have to vote a big NO.


I am to vote no. Theres to many cyber chrimanals who steal data time and time again. the only sites  i will give honest info and real info if its a secure site, Even then am tempted at not using real info or part true, Theres simply too many things that can go wrong with using real info for security. unless theres a contract stating you need to use real info and its secure and not shaird with any 3rd partys then i will give.


other than that i still vote no the internet is a big palce and too many people can easily get scammed, And i have seen it time and time again.


I think the debate is about giving your name.

Nothing else.

If you are asked for your mothers maiden name, and your favourite pet I too would be very concerned.


We must all be vigilant about the information we give on any none secure website, at all times.


But my name is somethink to be proud of, not to be hidden away.


I use my real name because I'm too lazy to come up with a clever pseudonym. I can understand people wanting to protect their identity because of privacy but at the end of the day your name is your personal identifier.


Fear plays a huge part in the internet alter-egos a lot like you see on here, a fear that the real you just isn't interesting enough and dumbledore76 can be the person you've always wanted to be in real life but in reality there's no reason you can't be that same person without inventing an alter-ego for yourself.


Security on the net? Don't trust unsecured websites? Please! Google search or search on Facebook for your real name and see how many hits you get. I just randomly made up the name Sebastian Jerimiah and searched Facebook for it and it returned about 30 exact matces and many, many more very similar so the chances are that if your name is Peter Jones no-one is ever going to find you anywhere else online. Sites that require you to fill in much more personal information are another matter but we're just talking names here.


Another thing people want to do is stand out and I understand that, the internet is comprised of everybody in the world whereas your local town, city or workplace more than likely isn't but you can always differentiate yourself by being one of the few people courageous enough not to hide your true identity