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Friday Poll Results: Should people be forced to use their real name on the internet?

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Recently there has been a discussion on the internet about whether you should keep your real name on the internet, with google+ forcing real names, and Mark Zuckerberg's sister wanting the same.



World of Warcraft to end anonymous

Randi Zuckerberg calls for end to anonymous


So we asked 'should people be forced to use their real name on the internet?' and you responding with an overwhelming majority.


This majority was against having to use your real name.


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Next weeks poll: With the release of the A-Level results yesterday and GCSE results next week, we have decided to ask what level of Education our members have reached?


I use the same forum name on all forums I use. My name's Mark and I keep fish, therefore my forum name. My website is also used in my username, therefore a Google will find copious amounts of information on me, persoanl and otherwise, but only what I want to be published..


No real surprise in the end result as the majority prefer anonimity particularly when it offers them a hiding place from real life!


Are Scottish users allowed to vote in this newest poll? It seems as if we are not included since we have a different schooling system.


It's funny... My name's Andy, and even my surname isn't too uncommon as I've found out on Facebook.

I have on the other hand a username that singles me out, to one of two people, in the town where I live.


It's all about the trike I ride! Smiley Wink





Think it should be a personal choice I can never come up with a good name so I just use my own but I think the choice should be there. 


It has to be a No. Some people may feel social networks like Facebook privacy settings is not enough. Therefore, people may feel having a pseudonym offers an extra layer of privacy protection. Also, social networks shouldn't force people to give up personal information in order to join. It restricts choice and people should be able to choose what name to register as. After all, it's only for social networking and not for a job or the likes.


I don't mind anybody knowing my name and I have nothing to hide but I like to choose who I tell. There are certain situations in live went you don't want other to know of everything that you do such as split ups and family rows. So I have to vote a big NO.


I don't think that people should have to give their names for a number of reasons, but ultimately because the internet gives you the option to voice a faceless opinion - which can (I admit) be both positive and negative, however the positive is that it gives a number of people the confidence to do this. Also in some occasions one may want to participate in various discussions, but can only take part in these if they cannot be associated with it directly. It offers many people an escape from the mudane of day to day life, and the reality of their actual being.


Also there is the security issues, I know that anyone who really wanted to could find out where I lived, etc, but with my real name online everywhere, this would be made much easier and I am really uncomfortable with that.



real name? as long as it was separate to your login name it would probably be ok, otherwise you just made the job for hackers easier. and using the a name from the tv series 'the it crowd' as an example, what if you have an unfortunate name like Peter File? or

I think it should be a personal choice if you use your own name or one you choose.- as mentioned by other contributors you should be able tochoose who you give personal info to.I