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Friday Poll Results: What's your favourite tablet device?

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Last week, to coincide with the launch of our new gigabags, we asked you what your favourite tablet device was.


The results were a complete shock!


The shock not being that the iPad won with 41% of the vote, but that 22% of you have no interest in tablets at all!


fridaypoll from 21 october.png


Is this because your smart phone does everything you need? Or that you have a PC/Laptop/Mac that surpasses tablets? Let us know in the comments below.


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Tablets are just an oversized version of a smartphone nonetheless a great investment to make!
Although I voted iPhone, I see tablet devices as overpriced and not essential if you have a phone and computer. iPad is overpriced too considering the hardware!
@jamesd2010 The worst thing about an iPad is its inability to extend the memory by just simply using an SD Card slot!

Having used an Ipad 2 and a hp touchpad, the touchpad beats the Ipad hands down. Yes i know the ipad has more apps etc, but WebOS is a brilliant operating system for tablets.


Such a shame HP has decided to put webOS in the bin and go with windows8 for future tablets (


not interested in them my self.


I would go for iPad as well... Smiley Happy 

@lynnnsterr Me too, iPas has monopolised the tablet segment. The other tablets are just copy cats (in my opinion, of course) or lets say they took inspiration upon apple. The iPad has perfected the tablet with only their second attempt and I think this is where the industry is heading. There are however some nighling issues with the iPad but it's bearable.

I have a Galaxy Tab P1010 Wifi only. I love it, my partner has an Advent Vega and spends most days putting on updated roms.


My Galaxy tab is well used though, I use it for reading eBooks, playing Angry Birds, going on forums, sending emails, Facebooking and Twitter, also general web surfing, as it it's just as easy to switch the Galaxy Tab which boots within 1  minute than switch it my netbook which takes around 5 mins.

An iPad can also boot up in under a minute. Samsung are hit behind the heels of the iPad and I think Samsung might take over soon! Well, soon as in filing a lawsuit to ban the iPad for 3 years, the Samsung will be winning the tablet market!