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Friday Poll Results: What should we call our two new fish?

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First of all I’d like to say Happy Friday everybody and aren’t we all glad that its almost the weekend?


As giffgaff’s official fish keeper I was very keen to find out this week’s poll results.

I am very pleasantly surprised by the amount of votes – wowsers I never knew we had so many keen fish followers.


I hope that you are enjoying the live streaming of the endless giff and gaff entertainment.

Who needs TV when you can watch them swim around the fish tank looking for things to nibble on? I just can’t get enough and I’m even thinking of relocating my desk (my request is still pending with my boss).


But as much as I adore them I have to say goldfish produce a lot of waste and are quite messy pets. That is the reason why we got our two new fish. If you didn’t know they are corydoras and they are very small but surprisingly fast. Apparently they eat algae and from observation all the fish poo too, so they were the perfect investment!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here and I can announce the winner:


Fish Poll.PNG



And therefore our two new fish are called Floater and Torpedo!!

Lemon and Lime did just as well as the winners and I'm thinking we should get two canaries and basically turn the gaff into an animal sanctuary. Smiley Happy


The winning names make me giggle, and they fit the corydoras very well. The smaller one swims around the tank like a Torpedo and the bigger one just likes to Float(er) around the plants lol.


Next Poll: How do you feel about 3D in films and TV?


Here at the office the educators have been heavily discussing how good we think 3D is and we all have a very different opinion.

So who better to help us decide than the giffgaffers!



Haha I was actually just trying to find this.


Love the names...proves we're all just big kids! Smiley Happy

Thanks alot for the info Smiley Happy

A draw again!!


I wonder if this draw is going to cause as much of an issue as the help for heroes fiasco!???


Did the 'gaffer' make a unilateral decision again??? 

lives and breathes giffgaff
You need to get some gerbils they are really funny to watch
former giff-staffer

@elmetodo I dont think the fish names need to be decided by the gaffer, do you? Smiley Tongue

The computer announced the winner as you can see on top choice on the poll so we just went with it - plain n simple Smiley Happy






I'm pretty sure we went with what Lithium decided, which as per the screenshot, was Floater and Torpedo Smiley Happy.



Nice, good comms and blog.

former giff-staffer

@pinkcalculators I used to have dwarf hampsters and they had this see through plastic ball I can put them in and they just run around the house - now that was funny!! Smiley Very Happy




lol, maybe not!, and im guessing he has got bigger fish to fry! 


It would have been funny to see his reaction if you had asked him to decide though!


I thought the original names for the fish were Bob and NotBob, which I liked!