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Friday Poll Results: Your favourite type of horror film?

former giff-staffer

With Halloween having passed, we asked you what your favourite type of horrow films were.


With exactly a 3rd of the votes, Psychological horrors take the top post. You giffgaffers love the stuff that messes with your head! (I'll pass that onto marketing!) And then an almost even spread amongst the other choices.

fridaypoll from 28 october.png


So which was your actual favourite horror film, the one that still gets you to this day?


Next week: With bonfire night tomorrow, we ask what you are doing?

going to a bonfire Smiley Happy

Horror Cool,

Going to do my on small bonfiner, for family. Nice


paranormal activity scary haha Smiley Surprised


The Exorcist always does it for me - I think I went out with the same little girl when she grew up - had teh same anger management issues Smiley Tongue


a part from Psychological horrors the votes are about level

This is my favourite film genre and definitely it has to be 'The Omen' (1976).

Can't beat a good scary film, as much as I think the paranormal activity films are poo, number 2 didn't half make me jump at one point haha.
I sat down last night to watch "The Human Centipede" as I was told it was scary and horrible, aye they got the horrible right, it was disgusting!! 
Other than the little jump in Paranormal activity 2 though I can't remember the last film I jumped at haha. (Open to idea's though)

As for bonfire, me and the family just go to a local event every year them come back and munch on jacket potatoes and the kids do a few sparklers Smiley Happy

paranormal activity but i love zombie films
It has to b incidious

i havent found a propa scary film for ages Smiley Sad i love horror though Smiley Happy x