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That’s right, this week we have teamed up with five different companies to offer you a wide range of products, from clothes, to wine, to food.  We have even managed to get our hands on a new Huawei Sonic U8650 handset at an unbeatable price.  So here is your chance, to grab a Mothers’ day bargain or just treat yourself.


The week starts with a cracking offer from Prezzybox, giving you a FREE £5 voucher with no minimum spend, simply visit the website through this link to find your code and get shopping. 


All deals that will run this week will be valid from Monday 5th March right through to Sunday 11th March, so remember to check your newsfeed each day for the latest hot offer exclusively for giffgaff customers. For more information please visit Vincent's post 


We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that we do not share any of your registered details with any of the participating companies.  We are simply giving you the opportunity to access some fabulous deals, no strings attached. However please remember that each company will have their own T+C’s associated with these offers, so please check them out before signing up.


We hope that there is something for everybody this week, so remember to visit the newsfeed every day.


Happy shopping! 

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Great news.,

Is there anything under £5? Smiley Wink


why cnt ii get goodybag??? can some one plz help me?

Great to see Giffgaff extending it's portfolio and taking advantage of its unique position Ida community centred mobile network team Smiley Wink

@zerodudex333 Nope, or $4.95 which doesn't count + postage Smiley Wink

rocket scientist
i love giffgaff so much Smiley Very Happy

its amazing Smiley Happy

thank you Smiley Wink 

this won't work for me? The link just takes me to the website.. no code or anything?


excellent deal every one must have Smiley Happy