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Getting started on giffgaff - Set-up Wizard

Hi all,
In the time honoured tradition, let me first introduce myself before speaking on an exciting subject, which I hope to be engaging and valuable to all our new members.
I am Sambit and joined giffgaff as the new eCommerce manager. As the title suggests, my responsibility is to manage customer experience across our desktop and mobile site and the recently launched iOS app. 
With a constant growth in our member base, we have been brainstorming ideas to bring members on-board in a more effective manner and have spent time trying to answer the below questions:
  • How to get our users start enjoying our services easily and swiftly i:e what are the must needed information for a user to get started?
  • How can we ensure that new users get all the information, they need, at a single place and in a detailed step by step fashion which is interactive, easy to understand and effective?
  • Where should we present this info in the user journey? 
Here is what we came up with, as potential answers – 
  • New members must be able to get coverage to make calls without hassle, get their Internet and MMS settings set-up correctly and should have some useful information to complete the basic joining process.
  • Perhaps the best way to package this info will be a wizard that is self-explanatory and guides in a step-by-step fashion to achieve the end result.
  • Users would need these details once their SIM is activated and they are ready to use giffgaff services and hence we have planned to introduce this:
                     -- Right after activation success 
                     -- Anytime from "my giffgaff user panel 
                     -- From our activation success email comms
So from these simple thoughts, we have created a new Set-up Wizard and are planning to launch this by mid-December. No doubt,  these are aggressive timelines and all the designers, developers and testers are already bending their back to meet these dates. 
The designs and user journeys are ready and have been attached below for your reference but none of the actual text has been finalised yet.
To align with giffgaff brand, we have named it “get giffgaffed” to start with, but are definitely interested to hear your suggestions on a different name, if you prefer.
Here is a quick note on the key objectives and user journey through the new wizard. 
  • The wizard is applicable for users with an active SIM . 
  • There can be three distinct entry points to the wizard:
                    -- successful SIM activation page
                    -- activation success email
                    -- my giffgaff" user panel 
There will be detailed step by step illustration on:
  • getting coverage (including awareness on need of using an unlocked phone)
  • getting Internet and MMS settings right (through welcome and request texts or following handset based video tutorials on manual APN set up)
  • a sticky on useful numbers and a website link to bring your existing number to giffgaff.
Also, let us know how you want this step to evolve in future. As said, we are aggressively trying to meet the December deadline and may not be able to incorporate all the suggestions in phase one but would definitely shape our further enhancements aligned with your thoughts, as much as possible. 
So, please leave your suggestions about the name of the wizard on this post before 23rd Nov 2012 and any other feedbacks about future features, you may have. 
 On that note, thank you for your interest and participation in advance. We are eager to hear back from you. 


User journey


Design Slides

ace of spades
i love the layout of the desing hehe pretty kewl Smiley Happy

Getting people to MMS and internet settings has always been the biggest challenge Smiley Sad

great idea
I'm right...

This is good.There should also be something,somewhere,to explain to new members that there is a difference between airtime credit and goodybags and that goodybags have to be purchased-ie:-they don't automatically get a goodybag because they've topped up/activated their sim.


 i think this is a great idea - however i didnt notice if there is an option to by pass the set up wizard? i mean sometimes those who come from abroad just want to be able to activate quick and use quick 


I hope it works out for all new members! Smiley Very Happy


Maybe a folded up how to get started leaflet that's the same size as the card the sim comes on sent out to new users so they know how to get going?

giffgaff; ergo sum

This is a great idea, but I think a preview should be incorporated of how credit and goodybags etc. works before activation (as suggest above nerakb ) of the sim.

This thread was an attempt to reach new customers before activation to avoid going off in the wrong direction.  Maybe there's something useful there:  Before you activate your sim

The first thing seems to be that new members don't understand why they don't get the member-get-member £5.00 free bonus on activation when they ordered their sim directly from the website.

This link  Credit and Goodybag confusion  (which is included in the link above) was intended to both summarise how your credit, goodybags and giffgaff to giffgaff allowance works to active members, and potenial members (but unless they browse TOP TIPS before registering then they wouldn't see it).

I'm sure the new system will improve customer experience greatly, but there are still one or two things that should be made clear before activation to avoid members feeling that they've been caught as soon as they've started losing their credit and are not sure why.

Just my thoughts!