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Goodbye beta, hello to the network run by you.

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Most of the time when companies launch their products with “beta “ attached to the logo they’ll say that it’s because the product is lacking features that they haven’t had time to build yet – but that the basic service is there for customers to use. It’s an opportunity for the company and its initial group of customers to “suck it and see” – and if there are a few unpleasant flavours, or it doesn’t taste good enough then there’s an opportunity to change the recipe.


If you take a step back and think about it, its quiet a brave thing for a company to do – its saying to customers “We haven’t finished what we’re doing yet, and it may not be perfect but we’d like you try it anyway”.


For giffgaff there were certainly some things we knew we wouldn’t have time to build – data charging and the website version of our Payback scheme for example – but there was a much more fundamental reason why we needed to launch in beta.  In fact, many of the people reading this blog are the reason – our members who have been helping us improve the service over the last six months.

The thing that makes giffgaff different is that at the heart of our business is the principle of working with our members to make the company and products better – so how could we launch a product that was supposedly “finished” – our core principle demanded something different.


And the brilliant thing is that our members responded with great enthusiasm and brilliant ideas that the giffgaff you see today is very different from the beta version we launched in November last year – here’s a list of just a few of the things that our members thought up, changed for the better or helped us develop...


  • Goodybags – our minutes, texts and mobile internet bundles.
  • Cash top-up vouchers.
  • The pricing for our mobile internet charges (launching next month).
  • Roaming charges in Switzerland and other European Free Trade Association countries.

So when we were thinking about the strapline in our launch advertising and it was suggested that it should be “The mobile network, run by you” we thought yes, we can say that because we have a whole bag of examples to prove it.


And just because we’ve now launched “properly” it doesn’t mean we’ll stop listening – our ideas forum receives between 50 and 70 ideas a month from our members. Every month the management team sit down and review every one and typically we’re able to implement more than 25% of the suggestions.


So on this important day it’s the members who have helped us create giffgaff as it stands today to whom I offer my biggest big thank you – we literally couldn’t have done it without you.


Brovo Kind giffgaff! Bravo!


Great news, indeed. The site upgrades look good, so far, as well


This is great Smiley Happy


Great news!

The only feature i'm waiting for are auto-renewing goodybags then my life will be complete Smiley Very Happy


Thanks you Giffgaff!

I have been with giffgaff since the original forum was launched - even before the network went live. During my involvement with them, the website and the network have undergone many changes. Some of the changes have worked better than others, but all of them were made with customers in mind. I have always viewed giffgaff as being led by its users, in terms of decisions made, etc. Obviously you can't please all of the people all of the time, and I imagine many people have had urealistic expectations which needed to be managed. However, giffgaff have always listened to their customers and implemented what could be done, based on customers' requests. Giffgaff have broken the mould when it comes to how the network is run and governed; and other networks could learn a thing or two from the way giffgaff run their organisation. Kudos to giffgaff, and I wish the team every success as things move forward. May you go from strength to strength in the future.

works for me! thanks all Smiley Surprised)

wooop wooop!! well done giffgaff!