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Google Chrome for iOS Review


In this video I give a quick walkthrough of the Google Chrome browser for iOS, which can be downloaded for free in the App Store. Link below! Smiley Happy


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Google Chrome iOS App:

rocket scientist
I prefer safari
What you tube videos have you been watching?.Look at the title of the first one at top of page! lol

I love this web browser. I use it on my laptop and now I can use it anywhere now.


It's simply amazing. And the best of all Google have made it work well. 

@neil40 haha those video's are from subscriptions Smiley Tongue Not as it seems though! 

I like the slick tab layout, that allows you to see all your open tabs at the same time. What I'm not so keen on is the navigation, extras, and tabs button, being at the top of the screen. I think it would have also felt more natural to have the whole navigation bar at the bottom, even though address bars are conventionally at the top. Though I do like the single combined address / search field. Apple need to do this now! Apart from that, it is a very nice browser, that integrates well with the desktop version too. I can't wait to see how it improves with time, as I think it'll only get better

Great app on IPhone, looks very sleek and sexy on IPhone aha, Just ne question is it possible to change the the search bar search engine to anther search provider? not google, yahoo or bing to something els ?

great review!

chrome is the best thing google ever did, oops after search..

@shahzadh You can change the search provider for that in the settings! Smiley Happy


If speed is what you're after then I find chrome has the fastest page loading times. I'm not much of a fan of opera mini and usually I find myself just sticking to the native safari browser as I'm used to it now.