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Google Introduces Game-Changing Maps Feature


At present, it takes hundreds of hours and millions of pounds in order to recreate a city inside a videogame. This is because every building has to be built and designed from scratch. That is soon about to change because Google have opened up their 3D Maps API to developers. Therefore, developers would be able to import accurate models directly into their games. However, the impact of this move goes far beyond the world of gaming.



AR impact


As our online merges with offline, augmented reality development has increased. Google’s decision could allow for real-time information to be overlayed onto real life. For instance, you would be able to point your phone at a storefront and get information about what time it opens, tap to get an exclusive offer or open their website.


The possibilities are endless, but here are some realistic ways that developers would be able to use the Google Maps 3D API in the near future.


1) History


Developers would be able to use GPS information and historical information to recreate cities. Therefore, people would be able to go ‘back in time’ and see how an are looked liked hundreds or thousands of years ago. Developers can even pull in 3d objects. For instance, you could point your phone at s beach and see ships hundreds of years old offloading cargo.


2) Commerce


Business people could offer exclusive deals when people visit a particular location. This could give small businesses a boost in revenue. Moreover, businesses would be able to give potential customers a preview of the items in their store. This would save a lot of time during the busy Christmas shopping period.


3) Emergency response


One of the biggest problems accident and emergency services face is that it can be challenging to locate people in distress, especially if they are in a remote area. Google has mapped every inch of this earth and linked it to GPS co-ordinates. It is incredibly accurate. Imagine if people in distress could transmit their location and give someone a step-by-step overlay for getting to them?


4) Explore the world with AR


Nothing can beat visiting the city of your dreams, but soon developers would be able to bring you very close. Google Maps 3d data combined with a bit of ingenuity could put you anywhere in the world. Move your phone or VR headset to view the sky, buildings, etc. This would enable people to choose locations which match their interests. Imagine that?


Final thoughts


Google’s generosity in opening up Google Maps 3d data is set to positive shockwaves throughout the developer community. The possibilities are endless. What would you like to see developers use this for? Let the community know in the comments section below. If you found this post interesting, please share it on social media.


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Whoa, it is so cool! I love it!


if we can ignore the fact google is very intrusive.. they do have services that make a lot of things easier to do in our life..


I'll play devil's advocate and suggest that Google are not doing this from the kindness of their own heart. I would guess that having your GPS turned on would enable Google (and others) to track your every movement and know which shop you've been in, how long you stayed there etc etc. I would guess that they'd be able to target specific advertising at you or sell the data onto third parties.


It would be great to see all of the above features implemented, but I think you'd be selling your soul to the devil in return.

Exactly we must making easier

I hadn't heard of this but the implications are huge. Way to go Google!