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Guilty Pleasures: alex_w

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So where to start? Especially as will23 stole some of my thunder with his admission of an unhealthy compulsion related to jokes. That’s where I’ll start, though:

Puns and other Word Play:


So that image of a red buzzer button that will23 used in his Guilty Pleasures blog? It was obtained because of me. Or rather, because of my love of really bad jokes. I adore a good pun the most, but any jokes that revolve around using the English language badly to make other people groan in mental anguish are likely to be voiced by me. Hence, the buzzer – which is known as the pun buzzer in our team and most frequently gets buzzed thanks to something I’ve said. I grew up in a family with a strong tradition of pun-based jokes … At a young age I figured the best form of defence was joining in, which is something my colleagues now regret.

Blue Cheese:

Yet again, one of the Educators willfully (sorry - see above) pre-empted one of my guilty pleasures. This time it was t_will with his string cheese obsession. I’m more partial to blue cheeses though, in particular a nice mature stinky stilton. I’ve been known to eat an entire half-round of blue-veined brie in a single sitting, with a side of Blue Castello. Yum. This is a particularly guilty pleasure, in that as a child I was lactose intolerant. Which means I know I shouldn’t, but every so often I just have to indulge.


Whizzing Past Traffic:


In my obsessions blog I mentioned that I enjoy motorcycling. Over the last 6 months, I’ve been using my bike to commute between Brighton and the office. It’s a long journey – roughly 90 minutes each way – but one I don’t mind, as I enjoy it. The M25 routinely gets clogged up with traffic, and I have to admit having a certain cruel pleasure inside knowing that I’m not getting stuck for half an hour in the queue of traffic I’m buzzing past. Especially when I make my way past cars that I recognise as having previously flown by me travelling at 10-20mph over the set speed limit. It feels like karma that all they managed to do was get stuck in the queue sooner.

Being “A little bit git-ish”:

I have a competitive streak inside me that often comes out when I’m playing board games. A friend once described me as being “a little bit git-ish” during one game, as I took immense glee in making sure his previously close-to-winning position in our game was turned upside down. Despite the fact I had no hope of winning. It’s reached the point in some games (such as Munchkin) where my friends will actively make sure I’m kept as weak as possible so that I can’t interfere with their plans, even though I’ve not done anything nasty yet. I still can’t help myself though – first chance I get, I’m in there with a wide grin on my face disrupting someone elses plans.

So there you go, my guiltiest pleasures. Unless you want to hear about the Celine Dion CD I own? No? Didn’t think so.

Ha ha lol Very enjoyable blog Alex.Smiley Happy LesSmiley Wink

Nothing wrong with blue cheese!

Community Manager

@aaronjlaw - oh, totally agreed. Unless it's the sort of thing that can make you ill Smiley Sad.

I have to agree with you on the "Whizzing Past Traffic". Though I only get to do it on my bicycle very occasionally, but it's all the more sweet for it. By the way, love the play on words there too! "Whizzing PAST traffic"?! Smiley Frustrated What about FUTURE traffic? Or does that only occur above 88 mph? Smiley Wink
P.S. I notice the formatting for the iPhone, in the Blog Section, still doesn't work. Smiley Frustrated
P.P.S. I think the word you were looking for was "Passed", just in case you wondered?
good read Smiley Very Happy

Good blog i like it Smiley Happy

former giff-staffer

Mmmm I love blue cheese, it's my favourite too! 


Thanks for sharing


can't quite bring myself to eat blue cheese but love white stilton Smiley Happy