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HTC One X Deals

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Today, in our third and final comparison we look running a HTC One X with a £10 giffgaff goodybag versus similar contract deals with other networks.


Take a look at the chart below to see how much you could save over 24 months.



HTC One X with giffgaff 1 month bundles v 24 month contracts


HTC One X comparison.png



HTC One X Comparison Chart.png



As well as working out cheaper, there are many benefits to giffgaff goodybags

•Control exactly how much you spend
•Change your goodybag monthly depending on your call behaviour
•No contractual obligations
•No termination fee
•Can be used by those unable to take out a contract (i.e. under 18)

If you have a handset that is network locked,  find out about unlocking your HTC One X or find out the top 5 places to buy an unlocked handset.



*£449.99 HTC One X available from Amazon. (Prices will vary according to retailer).  

Information and comparisons on additional handsets, can be found at




Sorry of my bad English, but I think that you should work it out with goodybag15 and use other retail shops as there are 12 month contracts, I think it is wrong what you calculated. I agree if you have a phone this network is best, but if you need a top range new phone, I thing the price will come very high, it is my opinion


Interesting Tesco has come out so cheap again albeit with a lot less data... For me buying a phone out right and then going with GG definately works out more cost effective. As I have said in previous posts I love having the option of not using for a month and not having to pay.


@poshkus I just looked on Dialaphone for a HTC One X on a 12 month contract and it costs more, only by £10 but with a 500MB limit on data, unlimited txts and 300 mins.... Thats with Vodafone where you would have to pay for 0800 numbers too, which could potentially add a lot more cost. All down to what suits you best in the end tho.


True tesco area cheapest but as said, you don't have the flexibility of being able to wither pick a goodybag or go with the pay & go option at anytime throughout which giffgaff gives you.


Another excellent set of figures!


Giffgaff is the BEST!!!!!!!

Smiley Wink

nice phone

I have this phone as bought from play for £489.99 sim free. And I use the £10 goody bag and its works perfectly for me just downloaded the giffgaff apn from the market place and off I went. been using it for a month now with faultless service from giffgaff even worked fine on a trip to Amsterdam and my data, calls ,texts etc were cheaper than any of my mates that were on contract phones

u shud incude 12mnth contracts too
Sorry giffgaff but iv left you. I'd rather pay 15 quid a month on 3 and get fat better reception tbh, only thing I lose out on is only getting a mere 3000 texts a month rather than your unlimited. And 3 doesn't go down when someone leaves the tap running...

OK, check on dialaphone website, 18 month orange network and 28.50 per month, what you get : 750 data, 400 min, unlimited text it will come price of 542 so it will be 100 on top of new phone, so goodybag 15 you will get 5.5 pound for 18 months, simple. And again sorry for my bad English