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Main.jpgAt giffgaff, we can keep our costs low as our members help themselves and our handy members are helping other members via our Community – this means we don’t have to hire hundreds of call centre staff to man phones.


We’ve made some changes – and to encourage you to take a look... we’re giving away £250 of Amazon vouchers, for details read on.


We’re constantly looking for ways to make improvements, we’ve recently made some big changes to the Help section which included updating the layout of the Help page and changing the way that our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ look and how they are updated.

In a truly giffgaff way, our members are able to update our FAQs – so that means there are constant improvements tweaks going on, which means each FAQ are up to date.


How giffgaff does “self help”:


search.jpgStep 1: Search 

To get instant answers, simply head to Help, and pop your question in the Search box.

It searches all of our FAQs and existing posts in the community - you can get instant answers 







Step 2) Ask the community

Head to the community and ask our members. You’ll typically get an answer within 2 minutes - now that's fast! (want to know how to create a new message, there’s an FAQ, and a demonstration video for that)





There are situations where you will need to disclose private information, things like credit card details etc, which obviously can’t be done on a public forum – so for private account queries, our lean Agent team are working Mon-Sun 8am to 10pm to answer "ask an agent" queries.


agent.jpgStep 3) Ask an Agent

We aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Average response time is around <8 hours at the moment. We prioritise urgent queries, so response times will vary, but shouldn’t be longer than 24 hours to get a first response back (view messages from Agents, here).




Win £250 Amazon Vouchers

Help yourself to £250 worth of Amazon vouchers. Simply check out our shiny new FAQ’s and give one or more a Kudos before the end of the month - and we'll pick one random member who has given a kudo's to an FAQ and they'll get £250 worth of Amazon vouchers (one entry per member).


Sounds too easy - it is... to get you started, why not check out DarrenPainters "How to use the Knowledgebase" FAQ.


For competition details please see this post - good luck!

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