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How to type text into your images with style


You may have read my blog post about Canva and the text design options that it offers. One of the problems with using a popular and very capable app like Canva, is that unless you change things up a bit, your post can end up looking like a lot of other people’s posts, also using the same app. Typorama is an alternative app to help you to bring a bit of freshness back, especially if you choose the wider selection available in the paid-for version of the app (£9.99 on the Apple App Store -  also removes the Typorama watermark and other benefits). 


The best thing about Typorama is that is doesn’t use set templates. Instead, it generates text design layouts that change as you choose different styles. It brings a unique aspect to your designs compared to those applications that rely on templates. Typorama boasts more that 40 randomly generating typographic text styles, lots of overlays and additions like ribbons and badges, and hundreds of fonts and typefaces with pre-installed quotes to help you to create interesting content


Using Typorama, you can crop images to the appropriate dimensions for Instagram Stories, add creative text, filters and overlays, along with your own branded watermark - it goes beyond what you can do with Instagram’s own native fonts and pencil tool. You can also create Twitter and / or Facebook posts, as well as using it to create posters and flyers, smartphone wallpapers, blog headers, LinkedIn posts or Youtube thumbnails - or just photos you want to share over email or shared albums with friends and family. You can access and use various filters, overlays and adjustment tools as well as a comprehensive crop tool to build your content at the appropriate size for your needs


Here’s an examples of a Typorama workflow in action:


1. Choose a background that’s going to work with your text. You can pick one of your own, or one from the pre-loaded stock options available in the app.




2. Choose the size of the post that fits your needs from the preset options.




3. Choose the text layout for your post. To type the text, just double tap the screen. Type what you’d like to say, or else pick a random quote pre-loaded in the app.






4. Next, choose the text style, filters and adjustments to want to express. A few of the options might only be available for Pro version users (£9.99.), but there’s still quite a few free options to choose from. You can also add your own brand logo or watermark too, if you have one - or you can design one in-app.




5. Save or share on whichever network or community you want to.




That’s it - it’s a pretty simple and effective app, with it’s main feature being the wide range of type styles. You might have seen a review of Over on the giffgaff blog recently. Typorama is actually pretty similar to Over. It’s a great time saver for creating custom text and photo visuals, especially for someone doesn’t have much experience with graphic design. Even though I can use Adobe Photoshop on my Mac, I like using this app especially for the different text overlay options. It doesn’t do everything I need, and it overlaps a lot with Over and Canva - so if you’re used to using one of those, you probably won’t find much of a reason to switch. But, if you’e looking for fresh text options, Typorama might be worth a look. One downside that you might want to bear in mind that it is that it’s only available for iOS.




What do you think about Typorama? Do you think it might be useful for you in your photography? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Download Typorama (Free - Pro unlocked version £9.99):

Available on the App Store


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Thanks for an interestinng and different blog.


Nice app.....shame its only available on IOS at the moment. Hopefully an Android version will his the street at some point. Thanks.

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Another great blog👏and very interesting 







Is this an advertisement for a product you or your company are selling?


@ebqueen No, not at all. I’ve pointed out what it can do, taken you through how to use it, where it is similar and different to some other apps on the market, where I think it’s strengths lie compared to those, and how I personally use it. Cheers! 


Very Interesting, and looks easy to use. Seems you can produce something effective in a relatively short space of time. Shame it's only IOS at the minute. Nice blog though! Arrrgh!


Nice one 👍 thank you for this