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I suppose I should say hi...


There once was giffgaff community member by the name of akisoft, who worked on all sorts of fun random things such as the member services platform, a community badges system and giffgaff radio. His name was Ryan and one day, he saw… okay, enough of the third person!

My name is Ryan (otherwise known as akisoft round here), and I’ve been involved with giffgaff for some time on numerous projects such as the hosted member services ( / and some other things such as the upcoming community badge system; which is essentially an awards based system designed to recognise people in the community and what they do. Beyond this, I’m involved in the setup and technical (licensing, e.t.c) side of the soon to be giffgaff radio, a community powered radio station. There’s more, but you’ll just have to wait until we tell you all about them (they’re pretty exciting), gotta love a surprise, right?

Now, not too long ago; a giffgaff staff member by the name of Amaru put up a post requesting some advice on the whole unlocking process. I gave some advice which ended up leading to some emails back and forth which led to some phone calls; and eventually, it led to me coming in to the office last week to consult on some of the finer details. The next day, I received an email asking if I’d be interested in coming in to work with giffgaff for a couple of weeks (and possibly beyond this) on an unlocking platform and some other projects… well, more on that later Smiley Wink. All I can say is that it’s pretty exciting stuff, and I’m glad to be working with giffgaff to bring these projects to fruition.

Pretty cool to be working from giffgaff hq as a member. If you want the inside scoop or latest gossip, let me know Smiley Wink.


Good on you Bro, enjoy it, hope it lasts way beyond the 2 weeks for ya...;-)

You lucky man Smiley Happy So, er... what's this "inside scoop or latest gossip"? :coughcough:

Brilliant work!


Effort rewarded - gotta love that!


Well done!


So go on then Akisoft, whats the gossip? and is Vincent as light on his feet as his avatar suggests!


Hey well done, maybe you can tell us all the gossip that happens behind the scenes.  Is Heather foxy?  Has Vincent had his hair cut yet


Well done! Smiley Very Happy



head honcho

brilliant and rely happy for you, hope it last longer than the 2 weeks for ya. And of course i would love to get more involved with giffgaff and projects...looking forward to the giffgaff badges launch Smiley Wink


So now you are with those in the know can you tell us which member/members of staff maade a fool of themselves at the Christmas party??? :smileywink:

unlikely to be wrong

Well done and Good Luck , Hope it turns into more than two weeks .


Top bombing Akisoft..Hope you make the most of this opportunity...Good luck mate!