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Idea Broadcast [December 2012]

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Welcome to our very last Ideas Broadcast of the year.... dun dun dun. It seems fitting to round up the years highs and appreciate those members who have shown amazing commitment to this board.



This year we saw 3272 ideas, which were supported by nearly 30,000 Kudos and over 30,000 comments. Together we implemented over 200 of these to bring our total implemented ideas up to an amazing 423. Which means on average, we've been implementing at a rate of 1 idea every 2.5 days. This means from Jan-Dec this year, we've actually speeded up the average rate that ideas are implemented. Our implementation rate of unique ideas is at 12%, (1 in every 8 Ideas proposed is being implemented) higher than any other site attempting to run similar. Which means, you're not just listened to. You are the most listened to.


Here of some of your ideas which have been implemented this year:

None of these would be apart of this network and community now, if it wasn't for the support shown by members that they wanted them. So huge appreciation to these front runners, and every member who made/supported an implemented idea this year for really pushing the network in the direction the community wants.


The members behind the movement:

I have here a very long list, which I've tried to split up - but it's important that every member is mentioned here - especially dear Bertiebat, who in a year has received over 700 Kudos for her contribution to the Ideas Board. Phenomenal.

Ideas 1.png


As well as these 50, we have many members supporting our Ideas - especially;

Suheluddin2, craig5201, rhys57haskell, adaley, rong42, rlproper, dan_the_man, thomas5342, welshdragon92, bilalmukhtar1, rochessel, pjr, nellisere, edishi, sufta, kingedward, michaelwelsh, tiptoeee96, inspiron42, jaygb1982, oakleboy, krispykay044, bintnabil, wcssj, nerakb, hhaarrryyyy2020, sydbrazil1, pinto6, mappjh


The future

Contribute.pngProject Chrysalis did put a delay on some of the Ideas work - but (I'm sure we all agree) for a pressing and well supported reason. With this in mind, I'll be making January's Idea Broadcast about 2013 - as well as announcing the changes we'll be implementing in Contribute. However! These changes have NOT been locked down yet - so please do join our discussion, and tell us;

  • What would your dream Contribute Board be? (Don't worry about what is and isn't technically possible)
  • If you don't visit the Contribute Board much - why? Your feedback will help us discover how to be more welcoming.

 To all the guys mentioned and everyone who participates on the Ideas Board - Thank you. We're proud of the platform we've built and of all of you for making it one of the most vibrant parts of our community. Your input keeps us at the cutting edge and ensures that you always have a place to tell us what you want.


Kind regards,



Thanks for the mention hazel Smiley Tongue 


former giff-staffer

Well done everyone Smiley Happy


There are some amazing ideas here. 


Can't wait to see what 2013 brings. 




hazel22 wrote:
What would your dream Contribute Board be? (Don't worry about what is and isn't technically possible)...

Am I the only one that thinks that is an absurd comment? Smiley Indifferent

If it's not technically possible to have sub-sections in the Contribute Board for example, due to limitations of the software, why should we waste our time discussing it? Smiley Frustrated


P.S. I love the fact that the Tethering by oslingby has been implemented. Smiley Wink NOT!


P.P.S. Are Nano SIM's implemented too as the link only says they are coming soon? Smiley Frustrated


So much to keep track of!

Will be interesting to see how many ideas get implemented next year as surely there must come a time when most ideas will have already been suggested or actioned!
wow impressive!
giffgaff pensioner
Great that everyones getting a mention the ideas are just that without the fantastic support from the members that support them Well done everyone
I ate the FAQ

Thanks for the mention Hazel I actually had no idea that I was leading the board for the year Smiley Surprised but as you say it's due to all members who participate on the board with helpful comments and support as well the initial ideas that makes it all work, so well done all. Smiley Happy


I'm looking forward to the new changes in the new year and will have to get my thoughts together for the contributes board.

I am the matrix

Interesting numbers ........ well done everyone .