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Hi all,

As most of you will know, at giffgaff we have a specific part on our boards dedicated to capturing your ideas. We work very hard with you to ensure the ideas people come up with are right for giffgaff and our community. And we continue to work to implement as many as we can. With the end of the year fast approaching and everyone looking forward to fireworks and snow we felt it would be a good time to have another look at the ideas board and what we've done in the last couple of months.

So let's have a look at what we're doing with the ideas that are coming in:

*We currently have 64 Accepted Ideas on the Roadmap.
*We now have the Forgotten Ideas Thread which directs members to those older ideas that need a little more love.
*We have considered a whopping 2350 ideas in the last 3 months (new ideas have gone from close to 1,600 down to 400, plus the 400 new ones that come in every month)
*Ideas that are under consideration have double in the last quarter.
*Last time I wrote an update in July we had implemented over 30 ideas - a fantastic achievement. Since then we've smashed that and implemented close to 50 in the last couple of months.

A few of those have been:

Microgaff Quality Control by harrispp
giffgaff E-Cards by joshualh
Full site on Mobile View by jamesd2010
Take marking of Duplicates back 'in house' by darrenpainter
Bcc PMs by yaakov1
Allow all giffgaff members to post a blog of their own by coolstar
Correct the 'Our Offer' and Prices pages regarding data charges by gawright
Service Updates Board: Mark Solved and Lock thread by bertiebat
Auto-Save within Posts by  jamesd2010 (again Smiley Wink)
Facebook your idea by lavery92

And of course many more Smiley Happy We would like to give thanks to all you amazing innovators which help push the business in the right direction. It is hugely challenging to implement this many ideas and we continue to have to make tough choices on what we implement and what we have to cut. But we feel very proud of what we have achieved together with you. It continues to be such a fun and amazing experience getting this much input.

To cope with the volume of ideas we see come in, we've had two members join our valiant Duplicator Team and a massive thank you goes out to our heroes once again.

Much <3 to:

Well done guys Smiley Happy

PS. I am still waiting for someone to make this into a shield for them: Totus informatio es bonus informatio tamen dimidium of lemma es effingo. (Thanks Darren Smiley Wink)

So anyone feeling creative?

138 members with a total of 221 ideas have seen their ideas implemented on giffgaff with our 'top' innovators being: revomutharock with 10 Ideas implemented, gawright with 6, brradley with 5 and darrenpainter with 4... you guys clearly r0ck!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little update on what has been happening with your ideas and I'm excited to see what will be the next great brainwave.




Nice work.  I have some cracking ideas happening at the moment as well


well done giff gaff you are such an amazing company! xx

mad scientist

Awesome Smiley Happy


I wouldn't mind giving it a go..Are we talking about a real Shield or a virtual shield? Smiley Very Happy

I see someone's been clever with the Latin..either that or they've spotted Latin on google Translate Smiley Wink


Blah blah blah but where are my smileys ? Smiley HappySmiley IndifferentSmiley MadSmiley SadSmiley SurprisedSmiley TongueSmiley Very HappySmiley Wink


I have had a word with Santa and trust me if you don't get it sorted the giffgaff team stockings will be lucky to be filled with an orange!


Last warning then I am going to get angry and like the Hulk I change colour.

top cat

Status changed to: Duplicate


Just kidding Smiley Very Happy nice update, thanks Smiley Happy


Andrew have you no shame ? Just because you are now part of the establishment does not mean you have to grovel.


Get off your knees and tell him who is boss. V is not for Vincent it is for Victory Smiley Wink

ace of spades

Thanks for the info Vincent  ,  interesting stuff  ,  and well done to all the people who had ideas accepted.... Smiley Happy

thats great, im tryin to think of ideas lol

One further point - interesting, to me anyway, that getting and keeping new ideas below 500 is proving a little elusive Smiley Sad

giffgaff; ergo sum

gifggaff, the mobile network run, and built by you! 


You don't see that anywhere else!  Well done everyone!