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Ideas Broadcast [April 2012]

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As you may know, giffgaff is people powered and so from the beginning we have wanted to hear your ideas for making our products, community and services even better! That's why we also ask for your help in evolving and advancing the best of the best.


In 2 years, the Ideas Board has grown into one of the most active dedicated Ideas Platforms available anywhere and has seen over 7,000 of your ideas, over 50,000 comments and we're implementing them at an average of 1 every 3 days.


This blog will be start of a new monthly instalment on the Ideas Board bringing you guys information on what has happened in this month’s Idea Meetings, trends and members who deserve a shout out.


This month we’ve had 2110+ votes (Kudos) on the Ideas Board and taken your most popular Ideas into the Meetings – the below have been added to our roadmap among others;

There have been two trends on the Board; with the opening of giffgaff shop you’ve been inspired to suggest changes and additions.

And the second trend we’ve spotted is about Accepted Solutions on the Help Forum and how we can we encourage original posters to come back and set them.

Members have been inspired by other Forums, like Liamwli with ‘Macros’, issues perceived in the community – ‘the giffgaff get going guide’ by m9xx7demix and new innovational improvements (Adding and Deleting handy links by daldred).


And last but not least thanks to our ‘Idea Gardeners’ – the superstars who direct members to the right place (original threads) when great minds think alike and a member posts a duplicate. This ensures those thoughts and kudos get taken into account by staff.







You guys are stellar!


This month we've hit a milestone, 300 Ideas Implemented - thank you to everyone invovled and let's see where next month takes us!


Kind regards,




P.s Let us know what kind of stats and information you want to see in the next Ideas Broadcast by posting an Idea and tagging it ‘Ideas Broadcast’.


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Question to save time:


Why don't new idea (just proposed) automatically go under the 'Needs more support' status then when an idea gets 10 kudos, it goes to New Idea.


This makes so much more sense than ideas going from New > Needs more support > New and it would make 'New' ideas only have 10+ kudos and make it extreemly easier for the edcuators and duplicatiors team.


I'm sure it's easy to make the default idea submission status to 'Needs more support'


I like the idea of this Broadcast (pun fully intended). any chance of a full list of ideas that have been accepted in the past month? (could be put in a spoiler maybe?)


i think it would be nice to see a couple of ideas that have actually been implemented in the past month


also, would a mention to As7861's Forgotten Idea's thread


Great blog and some fantastic stats on hand! I didn't at all know that 1 idea is being implemented per 3 days!

great ideas and stats!

Love it!

ace of spades

Very good " broadcast "  some good stats and info ..... Smiley Happy

mad scientist
Very interesting to see what you guys get up to with our ideas Smiley Happy

need to get my name on there for next month, best get thinking of some decent ideas!


Is there a new idea, in the giffgaff Office, to use all the fonts you've spent so much time and money on? Smiley Wink


I noticed Vincent's post recently in Verdana, while Hazel, you put yours in Times New Roman. Is there a reason?


It's just that, to my eyes, it is quite jarring all this chopping and changing... Sorry... Smiley Embarassed