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Instagram Releases 'GIF stickers' and 'Type' Feature + How to Unlock a 'Hidden' Feature


Instagram has gone from being a simple photosharing app to becoming one of the most popular social networks with young people. Users would be happy to know that Instagram now lets you add gifs to your Instagram story.


How to add ‘GIF stickers’ to your Instagram stories


gif-stickers-instagramInstagram GIF stickers- Source: Usethistip

Instagram collaborated with GIPHY in order to give users access to a large collection of transparent gifs. No matter what you want to express, you will find it in the library.


I didn’t think I would use this feature much, but it is so much fun. It takes storytelling and updates to a whole new level.


1) Swipe right on the Instagram app.

2) Take/ choose a photo or video.

3) Tap on the smiley sticker icon in the top right corner.

4) Tap on ‘GIF’.


How to post a full GIF to Instagram Source: Mashable

GIFS can express so much, so you might just want to post a full gif as an Instagram story. Unfortunately, Instagram is yet to provide this as a built-in option. Fortunately, there is a workaround.


1) Visit

2) Search for a GIF.

3) Once you have found the one you want click on the Instagram share button.

4) Enter your email address.

5) GIPHY will send you a small .mp4 video file  which can be uploaded to Instagram.

6) Delight and amaze your friends!



How to use the new Instagram ‘Type” feature



instagram-2Instagram 'Type' feature - Source: 9to5mac

 In the past it was impossible to share text only posts on Instagram without the use of another app. You had to take a picture or video and add text. This was a bit frustrating, because sometimes you just want to quickly fire off an update.


With the Instgram ‘Type’ feature, you can select from a range of backgrounds and funky text styles. You can access type mode by tapping on ‘Type’ under the record button.


This long awaited feature could draw in a lot of new users to the platform.


Final thoughts


In order to use the latest Instagram features, you must update to the latest version of the app.


Which feature are you most looking forward to using? Let the community know in the comments section below.

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No idea why they need to hide these features.....


Don't use Instagram but will be handy to know if I do start to use in the future.....and what's the point of hiding features? Thanks.

Are they going to start selling GIF's in the future on Instagram?


The GIF stickers are annoying me already!