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International price changes

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Hi all, 


As a New Year starts, some of our prices for international calls will be changingMore and more members are making international calls and we want to keep offering good rates.  


Like we mentioned in July, we try to not change the price too often, but as the cost of connecting international calls change, we need to update our offers too. So, on the 29th January, there will be prices changes in some international destinations. 


You can find the list of all the price changes below. To ensure that all members are informed, we will be sending a text (linking to this blog post) to anyone who has made a call in the last month to an international country listed below. 


International changes (call form the UK to abroad)

Country being called Current cost (ppm) New cost as of 29thJan(ppm)
Albania 8p 10p
Aruba - Mobile 15p 22p
Bahamas 9p 12p
Barbados 16p 19p
Bolivia - Mobile 12p 15p
Costa Rica 5p 9p
Ivory Coast 15p 35p
Kyrgyzstan - Mobile 10p 14p
Liechtenstein 48p 52p
Macedonia - Mobile 25p 28p
Madagascar 40p 46p
Malawi 7p 25p
Maldives 54p 56p
Maldives - Mobile 54p 57p
Morocco - Mobile 26p 29p
Nepal 10p 12p
Niger - Mobile 15p 22p
Slovenia - Mobile 11p 32p
St Vincent & The Grenadines 17p 18p
St Vincent & The Grenadines - Mobile 17p 18p
Sudan - Mobile 14p 18p
Surinam 14p 21p
Surinam - Mobile 15p 20p
Tadzhikistan - Mobile 12p 14p
Tokelau £1.00 £1.15
Uganda 15p 28p
Uganda - Mobile 15p 28p
Zimbabwe 11p 16p
Brazil - Mobile 19p 16p
Bulgaria - Mobile 16p 5p
Romania - Mobile 5p 4p
Bulgaria 6p 5p
Lithuania - mobile 5p 3p
France 5p 4p
Germany 5p 4p
Lithuania 3p 2p
Thailand 12p 3p


Happy calling,



thanks for the headsup Smiley Happy. some big increases on some of the orices there but good to see some decreases to around europe and also thailand.
head honcho

Hi bud

Thanks for the information cheers


Cheers thanks for the info.
4.1% increase average across all countires 357% increase if you have mates in malawi bad luck Smiley Happy

Not all bad news though. The two countries on the list that I call from time to time are reductions!

giffgaff; ergo sum

Wow mostly increasesSmiley Surprised


I don't think you will remain competitive with calls to Uganda costing 95% more, you have got me thinking moving to another network.

Already the cheapest way to call my friends in Germany and now even cheaper. Thanks
You are amazing giffgaff Smiley Happy , thanks for all

Almost 3 times increase for the country I call into (not often).


All you did with this is to make me (and my gf and all my mates) use Skype/hangouts/... even more. I don't think I'll ever use my mobile to call home again.


So good job GiffGaff! Smiley Frustrated