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Is a Smartphone a Good Christmas Present?

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This community wouldn’t be here without smartphones and mobiles, so it makes me wonder.. Is a smartphone a good Christmas present?


With the festive season upon us and Christmas shopping on our minds maybe just a little too much, it’s made me wonder how much excitement a new smartphone may bring to a loved one on Christmas day. With plenty of other gadgets or useful household items on the number one spot for most of our Christmas lists, I’ve narrowed down the scenarios where a nice, shiny new smartphone might top any other gift.


First Smartphone for Your Child at Christmas




It seems the age that’s become acceptable for a child to own their own smartphone has only decreased over the past decade. If you’ve got a child of your own there will be a certain age where you’ll be happy to let them have their own smartphone, and making their first a Christmas gift will make the whole ordeal extra special.


If you’ve answered “When can I get my own smartphone?” with a short and snappy “When you’re older,” a little too many times then this year could be the perfect year for a special smartphone Christmas gift.


A child will never forget their first phone. I certainly didn’t, and my first phone couldn’t do much more than make calls, texts and listen to downloaded MP3s.


A Smartphone for the Elderly




If an older member of the family is coming round for Christmas you may want to consider a smartphone for them too. It’s the perfect time to show them the ropes and help them to get setup with all of the basic features they may like to see on their device.


And remember, if you’re both on giffgaff you’ll be able to call and text each other for free so your parents or grandparents won’t need to worry about topping up too often if they only need to stay in touch with their family.



When Things are Getting Slow




If you’ve noticed somebody moaning about their smartphone getting too slow then a surprise smartphone would make a perfect Christmas present for them.


It’s unfortunate, but it seems as if everybody’s smartphone ends up dying on them at some point: The battery life might start to deplete, the display could get shattered, or the device may start slowing down and running simple apps and games can become a nightmare.


Sometimes a smartphone may not be the best gift for Christmas. For example, if a loved one recently made a comment about a new smartphone they like the look of but they already have a fairly new device that’s working as fast as anything.


Or if their device isn’t running the latest games, but they don’t often play games outdoors, then a tablet could be a better choice.  It may also seem a bit unfair from a child’s perspective if a smartphone to a younger one and then tell them they have to spend time with the family and


I personally think the best way to make a smartphone a good Christmas present is if you were to give it to a loved one that hasn’t yet had the experience of using one before. In this case you could purchase them a new device, set it up and experience their first time with a smartphone alongside them.


And if that doesn't work, you can never say no to another pair of fluffy Christmas socks!


A smartphone will be a great Christmas present as your child will be showing it off that he's one of the cool kids and this could really benefit him in life 



Good blog


Smartphones are great Xmas presents as long as the receiver wants a new phone!

A smartphone of your choice is the ideal Xmas present but if your parents goto Tesco and buy your a Samsung J3 / J5 handset, then it's a disaster.


As long as your parents don't buy you a Nokia Windows phone, a smartphone is usually a good present!

Smartphones are good presents all year round, Xmas, b-day, graduation, etc