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Jeff Elephant’s Favourite Apps For Social Media, Productivity and Communications

What I Use My Smartphone For:

I mainly use my smartphone for email, Twitter, messaging, productivity (note taking apps, calendar), Instagram and taking photos. I rarely watch videos on my smartphone or play games. For the record, I do not watch TV at home but I do watch movies on my laptop. Also, I rarely use many voice minutes on my monthly giffgaff Goodybag but instead I use messaging apps or VOIP apps to make phone calls in the UK and abroad.


Plume Logo.pngTwitter Logo.pngHootsuite Logo.png


Twitter – Plume, Official Twitter App and Hootsuite:

Twitter is my online addiction more than any other app. I actually have 2 Twitter accounts so I use multiple Twitter clients. My original Twitter account covers all of my interests and follows my personal friends. My 2nd Twitter account is heavily tech-focused. I used to use TweetDeck for my main Twitter account before Twitter bought it and stopped supporting it months later.

Plume (which runs my tech focused Twitter account) has become my favourite Twitter client because when you refresh your Twitter feed, it stores all of the feed. This compares to the official Twitter app and Hootsuite app (which run my main Twitter account) which only refresh a few hours of tweets at a time (as opposed to all unread tweets). This proves problematic when taking the London Underground and you are unable to refresh your Twitter feed due to the lack of an internet connection.


Google Keep Logo.jpgEvernote Logo.jpg


Productivity – Google Keep vs Evernote:

I used to spend more time using Evernote as my primary note taking app but I have found Google Keep, better for short ‘to do’ lists. Evernote is superior for longer, more complex notes and offers more functionality but I find Google Keep is more convenient for short ‘tick the box when completed’ tasks, lists or reminders. I like both apps but sometimes simplicity is better than more functionality.


Instagram Logo.jpg



I was definitely late to the Instagram game but I love this app. I enjoy following friends as well as various celebrities. As a social network, I definitely like Instagram over Facebook (note: Facebook has acquired both Instagram and Whatsaspp in the last few years) as it is less polluted by ads and rubbish posts from people you do not know very well.


WeChat Logo.jpgWhatsApp Logo.jpg


Messaging – WeChat and Whatsapp:

My brother lives in Shanghai, China where most Western internet technologies are blocked, so I communicate with him using the leading Chinese messaging app WeChat. In my opinion, WeChat is superior to WhatsApp in terms of functionality, and when WhatsApp adds new features, it is usually copying what China’s WeChat and Japan’s LINE already have. The WeChat app is available for free in many languages worldwide.

WhatsApp is another ‘must have’ app as basically everyone is on it. I find that I rely on messaging apps to talk to my friends when I am at home. My flat in London often has weak mobile voice quality however, I have fibre broadband so calling over WiFi using WhatsApp or WeChat provides a higher quality voice call compared to mobile voice.


Gmail Logo.jpgYahoo Mail Logo.png


Email – Gmail and Yahoo!:

Email is a tail of 2 apps. One is consistently good (Gmail) while one consistently is buggy (Yahoo Mail). I like having 2 separate email clients but Yahoo Mail can be frustrating as it can be quite unreliable at critical times. I use Gmail as my ‘clean’ email client (no junk mail, no mailing lists, with a focus on good friends and family) while Yahoo is my ‘bulk’ email client (junk mail, mailing lists and everyone else).

I plan to experiment in the future with using a 3rd party email client to potentially replace my Yahoo Mail app. However, I do not want to have a single email client that combines both my Gmail and Yahoo Mail messages. I prefer to have 2 separate email clients. So far I have yet to hear of a 3rd party email client that is easy to use, well built and has enough functionality to run my large, bulky Yahoo Mail account with loads of folders.


Feedback From The giffgaff Community:

Which apps do you use day in and day out and personally swear by? Do you have any personal recommendations for Twitter clients, messaging apps, productivity apps or email apps? What functionality do you primarily use your smartphone for?


Thanks for reading!

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heavy hitter

This post is right up my street! Smiley Very Happy 


I love Instagram, Twitter and use Facebook also. However, there are several other social media apps that I use daily that I love!


Periscope - Great for livestreaming

Path - A great more personal social network

State - I love this, they had an app but have taken it off at present to work on it, so I use the web version at the moment, Very very good and one that is definitely worth a look

Dayre - Great, fun blogging app

Myfitnesspal - I track all my calorie and exercise intake

Picsart - Brilliant for editing pictures, like a free photoshop!


These are the apps that I use the most, on a daily basis.


For messaging apps, I utilise Whatsapp and I use GoSMS Pro to replace the standard stock messaging app. I used to use tweetdeck, however, I found there were a bit slow at the time, I have yet to replace my standard twitter app as I also, have two accounts.


I absolutely love my phone and I love trying out new apps, my phone is used for internet shopping, social networking and working on my community Smiley Happy



Interesting read ,not really into technology , I use iPad and iPhone 6 . I use my phone and pad for everything including online banking , I still like Facebook , myfitnesspal and watch YouTube on both , still haven't tried Apple pay yet as I'm waiting to see if there is any problem ! So I'm behind the times but learning everyday

i have facebook whatsapp and instagram.i have the gmail app also.evernote looks interesting

but google keep is probably enough for me.

thanks for the blog @jeff_elephant

Tunein is one of my favorite. Also telegram its also superior to whatsapp

Another nice one 


I use Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo, Viber, and some antivirus... 


My next phone (Android based) will be as close to stock Android as possible! 

good to be right

I really only use my phone for calls and texting. Most of my family / friends are also on Giffgaff so my monthly spend is low Smiley LOL

But i really really want a slide phone again as i found them the easiest to use.

Wish i had kept my old Nokia now

i love it!

Great blog, Jeff! There's a few apps there that I use as well. You'll find out my favourites in the coming weeks... Smiley Wink

Love the posting @jeff_elephant, most interesting. Personally myself I predominantly utilise Google products but find they can be memory graspers. The only issues I have is why on earth everbody wants to basically know even my inside leg measurements? So basically the only 'blog' I use is Giffgaff - Ha ha its not easy being paranoid in this century.

good blog. I just use 2 of those gmail and evernote. Like you I like to keep a personal email account and what i call my trash account  to keep spam to a minimum on the first. However I find it easier to just have both gmail.