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LG G3 Launch Event (Vlog by @zoeawesome)

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Hi Community!


Yesterday LG launched their brand new flagship, the LG G3 and I went to it's unveiling event to report back!


The handset sets the bar even higher in the already extremely competitive flagship market with it's QuadHD 5.5" display and laser instant autofocus, which focuses in under 300 milliseconds, quick than a blink! These two features which have not been used in smartphones before this release so it's great to see some innovation from this handset.



There's also a smart keyboard, Smart Notice (like a PA and offering you tips at the right times), and some security features - Knock Code, Content Lock and Kill Switch. all of these are elaborated on in the video above.


The event also showcased a lot of its accesories, wireless chargers, smart cases, bluetooth stereo headsets, portable chargers, along with the G Pad and soon to be released G watch.


It was a great night and fantastic opportunity to get to go to a flagship launch, having the chance to speak to tech jounralists and get a hands on!

But now I want to know what do you think? Is this the LG G3 capable of taking on the top 5, or even 10? and what feature are you most interested in? Is screen size and defitition extremely important to you when investing in a flagship?


as always lets discuss in the comments,

until next time!



P.S Today is the two year anniversary of my first vlog for the giffgaff blog! 











Well done on your anniversary Smiley Very Happy